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January 30, 2016

Todays Card Winner ...

Hi Everybody,

Gosh the weather is wild here today and I am in the best place now where it's warm and cozy. I ventured out the morning to Slimming World and I have got my two stone award this morning. Guess who is a happy bunny today then ???

Last week after SW class I went to Morrisons for some shopping and I was really good adding fresh fruit and veg to my basket. And then just as I picked up,  not one but two packs of some sweet Chorley cakes for Griff,  my group leader was stood right in front of me ... shaking her head !!

I promised her that they were not for me, but I don't think she believed me. I was definitely caught in the act.  But they are for Griff ... honest.

So todays winner has been chosen at random and the name drawn from the hat this week is you ...

Haze T 
please would you email me your postal address to
and the card will be on it's way to you.

You have 48 hours from now to claim it and I hope that you will like it when it arrives.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Haze T ~ Congratulations on winning a most BEAUTIFUL Christina Card!! Yay You and a Big Happy Dance!! I know you will enjoy and treasure it for a long time. Your day is now perfect!

    Good Morning Christina :) Yay You!! Kudos and Congrats on a milestone! I knew that pounder would come off! I enjoyed such a good chuckle from your "getting caught" story! I have type 2 diabetes and people around me know that. Back in the day, I was in the store picking up "goodies" for our out of town guests and I had an armful of various delights and was caught redhanded by some co-workers. And, of course, no one believed me either. I am so happy for you! I know how hard it is. Well done and keep up the Good Work!! Treat yourself to something pretty! Enjoy a fabulous day! Big Hugs!

  2. Congrats Haze for winning one of Christina's card....enjoy

  3. Congratulations Haze. You are a lucky lady@
    LOL, love your story about the cakes! Isn't that JUST the way. It makes you look (AND feel) guilty when you KNOW its the truth! LOL

  4. Well done, you have won a beautiful card.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens xx

  5. Congratulations on your 2 stone loss Christina, and congratulations to Haze T enjoy your card .
    Elaine H X

  6. Congratulations Haze T Enjoy. lol Christine. That was a good chuckle to start my day. Congrats to you as well for your 2 stone award.

  7. Congrats to both the winner and also to Christina , well done, hope Griff enjoyed HIS cakes
    cheers Kaye

  8. congrats Haze T. beautiful card you have won. congrats to you also Christina for you successful weight loss. you are doing amazing. good luck with your goal. bad luck you got sprung buying cake for Griff. right place at the wrong time. xx ha ha.

  9. Hi Christina, Congratulations on your two stone award well done and congratulations to Haze T well done to you too.
    Nancyd xx

  10. Congratulations Christina, I bet you are one very happy little bunny, you have done so much more do you want to lose ???? Well done to to Haze T, beautiful card awaiting you.....luv Ursula xx

  11. Well done Christina, as that is a fantastic amount you have lost and i hope that Griff enjoys his Chorley cakes after you getting into trouble for it.
    crafty hugs

  12. Well done on your weight loss Christina that is amazing.
    Kind regards Anne Owens xxx

  13. Congrats to Hazel, enjoy your lovely card! Congrats to you too Christina, that is awesome! Well done! I am struggling a little at the moment, trying for my 3 1/2 st award! I keep getting to within 2lb and the I go and spoil it all by slipping off plan! lol (lots of birthdays in my family this time of year!) But now I am going to buckle down and get that award! So know how you feel, it gives such a buzz doesn't it?!
    Karen xx


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