April 26, 2017

Water Colour Wednesday . Blue Flower

Hi Everybody,

Todays card is created with the gift that came free with Simply Cards and Papercraft 160

I did a video using this Hydrangea Set set in February for another way to use the stencil that came in the collection

For this card I have created a background with shaving foam and then coloured the stamped flower with water colours

I used a glue pen on the petals and then covered them with silver foil.

The outline to the flower has been done in a pale grey to shadow it and make it stand out from the background a little.

Apology ...

Now before I close todays post I have an apology to make to everybody .... and that is with regards to the floating cup I featured a while ago.

I promised to make a video on how I made this when I was given this pretty tea set by my daughter.

I took out one cup and one saucer to complete the one shown.

Then I put the rest back in the box and put it somewhere safe until I was ready to use it. And now that time has come .... and it's so safe even  I can't find it !!

I wonder how many are nodding at me now knowing that you have done the same thing ????  So once I DO find it I will do a video to show the process.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Morning Christina, a beautiful card love the tip of putting some gilding flakes to highlight the flowers that's why we all love your blog you are so inspirational.
    About putting things away safe we all do things like this believe me.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Lovely card, really pretty. I'm sure lots of crafters will be nodding in agreement about misplacing items!!


  3. I have yet to try the shaving cream technique. The results are so stunning...WOW!
    I am nodding my head about putting a precious item away and not finding it for a very long time. Apologies accepted but hardly needed. We will all enjoy the video even more when you can find your precious cargo:-)

  4. Hi Christina love today's card,the colouring is beautiful.
    Marion H

  5. Yes I've done it many times you will find it when your just browsing in you're craft room love today's card very pretty thank you
    June horrocks xxxxxx

  6. I enjoyed watching your video again. It reminded me how much I like the look of paste and a stencil bUT I also love today's card. The background caught my eye immediately but I didn't realize it was the shaving cream technique until I read your post.

    I truly doubt there are any of us who haven't put something away for safekeeping and couldn't remember where we put it. Looking forward to the video when it's the right time!

  7. I always feel guilty about not using my watercolours when I look at your beautiful cards. I love the shaving foam technique, every one is different.

  8. Morning Christina

    I love using the shaving foam technique and it looks gorgeous as your background for this very pretty card

    May be there is some kind of 'in a safe place black hole' where everyone's items disappear too ,) LOL

    Good luck in finding your missing box! I also decorate cakes and have made several using the 'floating technique', it's very effective

    June x

  9. I share with you the problem of forgetting where I have put something, my craft room is a classic example, I know I have it, but WHERE.....This water colour card today with the shave foam background is stunning, a background I love making...thank you Christina...luv Ursula xx

  10. So love the marble shaving cream technique you have done, absolutely stunning.

  11. Hi Christina
    Love today's card. Like you I always put things away safe and then can't remember where I've put things. This is usually my Dies.

  12. Good Morning Christina :) As soon as the page loaded, I thought... Oh... that looks like a shaving cream background. This card is just Beautiful! I really love the silver foil too! Thank you so much for sharing. I got a good chuckle because I think we've all been there and done that with putting something away for safe keeping. You'll think of it when you are in a relaxed state and can retrace your steps. Or, you'll get up in the middle of the night and go right to it. Good Wishes! Enjoy your day. Big Hugs.

  13. Hi Christina, love the background. Great Hydrangea and lovely that you've used silver foil.
    Yes we'veall put things in a safe place and then spent weeks looking for them. Looking forward to seeing the video when you do find the cups.
    Love Val in Spain xxx

  14. Oh, Christina,
    I really had to giggle about putting things away safely...my home consists of 5 rooms including the kitchen and bathroom, the only storage is the airing cupboard and I still manage to have things vanish on me. I don't think I've got a family of Borrowers as I've got solid floors lol. I do love the flower cup, after visiting every charity shop in town I managed to find a lovely cup and saucer to have a go at my own 'magic' cup and I was quietly thrilled with the outcome. I hope you manage to get your video made...eventually ��.
    Bejay xx

  15. The card is gorgeous as all of your cards are. I think a lot of us, including me, put things in a safe place so we won't lose them never to see them again for many months! :) Hugs.

  16. Hi Christina
    Today's card is gorgeous as usual. I've just bought some watercolour card to have a go (again) at watercolour painting. Fingers crossed I can master it.
    Been there, done that and bought thew t shirt when it comes to putting things away in a safe place. I'm always doing it In my craft room and also in my home. The things always turn up eventually though.
    Best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  17. Lovely cad Christine. Would love a video of the cup and saucer when you find them. We have 5 charity shops in our precinct but can never find a cup and saucer in them.

  18. Seek and you will find! Maybe Ruby can track it down LOL. In the meantime -lovely card and I'm sure you still have plenty of cards to show us -The video is something we can look forward to! xx

  19. Haha! Yes, sometimes our brains are just too clever for their own good, aren't they? I do hope you find the cups and saucers soon, as I've been eagerly awaiting your video tutorial since you showcased the floating cup!

  20. Gorgeous water coloured card Christina. These shaving foam backgrounds are such fun to do, no two ever the same.
    Yes I can lose something in seconds. Put it down then struggle to find it again for ages.
    Drives me crazy!! Xx

  21. Beautiful card Christina and I love the technique for your background panel...well done
    Yes, I too sometime put things away and forgotten where I put it.

  22. Amazing cards! I love making handmade cards, i am going to make cards with flowers and lots of sparkle.

  23. Wow, I just love that Hydrangea and that background is awesome! and yes, I happen to do that (forget where my safe place is) all the time!!


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