June 06, 2020


Hi Everybody,

It's blowing a gale here today and I just happen to be having a  new roof fitted on my house ... so a gale force wind is not what I need right now. 
It has been really noisy and it has been impossible to work in the craft room. 
Where they have nailed the new batons onto the roof, I have little chips in all the plaster to the ceiling because of course my craft room is up in the attic space.
 So at present I am giving it all a wide berth until they are finished.

But I have done the draw for yesterdays Chloe gift and the name today is ...

Val Wallis
would you email me please with your postal address to 
and the prize will be on its way to you straight away.

I would appreciate it if you could also let me know that you have it safely and I hope you enjoy playing with the beautiful dies

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Good luck with that Christina! It's gale force and heavy rain here (NE) I hope the rain doesn't reach Blackpool. Take care.xx

  2. Congratulations Val enjoy your win


  3. Thanks so much - a lucky win for me. I've emailed my details to you. I do hope the work on your roof gets done quickly - quite windy here today in the South West too.

  4. Congratulations Val. Hopefully the weather will improve Monday so they can crack on with the roof and you can get back into your room.

  5. Hi Christina
    Congratulations to the winner. Hope all goes well with your new roof despite the wind. That's the only thing- having one job done always creates another. Take care and stay safe
    Hugs and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  6. Well done Val, enjoy Diana Lawton

  7. Oh Christina hope your roof gets fitted soon it’s so windy, well done Val you have won a lovely gift this week. Take care Christina stay safe and stay well. Love Anne Owens xx

  8. Hello Christina, we had a new roof fitted about 25 years ago so I have an idea of what you're going through and the weather at the moment could be better!!
    Congratulations Val, I have this set and you'll enjoy playing with it.
    Maureen x

  9. Congratulations Val.
    Enjoy your new roof,Christina


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