June 28, 2020


Hi Everybody,

Here I am feeling very sorry for myself at present and still in pain from my left hip and right knee. 
The results from the hip X-ray have shown that apart from general wear and tear, in relation to my age, everything is ok and the problem with the hip seems to be muscular. 
But the right knee is another story and the doctor thinks that I have damaged the cartilage. I have to have a scan on that to determine the extent And go from there. I am at present hobbling around on an elbow crutch until I get “fixed”. 

I can’t get up and down stairs properly and consequently I can’t get work done and hence no videos for you to view. Fortunately I have all my Friday Freebies done for a few weeks in advance and so they are going ahead as planned.

The winner today is ...
Jacqueline Koendering

Would you email me your postal address please to 
and I will get the package in the post to you as soon as I can.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Congratulations to Jacqueline.....Oh Christina, you have had a tough time, I do not envy you at all, such pain, but hopefully you will get it sorted soon and normal service will be resumed....You must be so angry with yourself....take care, keep safe....lotsa love & hugs Ursula xx

  2. Hi Christina
    So sorry you are still in so much pain - hope they will be able to 'fix' your knee and although very painful glad your hip is not as serious as you thought. Although we love to see your videos the main thing is that you come before work so take it very easy and get plenty of rest. Take care and look after yourself
    Hugs and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  3. Congratulations Jacqueline. Sorry to hear you are struggling Christina. Hope you get some pain relief soon x

  4. Oh Christina,
    I'm sorry you are in pain, and to top it there's a problem with your right knee. I hope you are seen to very soon and there's something they can do which isn't major. Don't worry about videos, your health is more important.
    Congratulations Jacqueline, it's a brilliant set and the other magazine is fantastic.
    Maureen x

  5. I feel your pain Christina, hope it all heals soon.
    Take care
    Faith x

  6. Hi Christine.....congrats to the winner... So sorry to hear your are in pain...Hopefully they will get you sorted out...don't worry about the videos its more important you are safe and well..


  7. Ah Christina that’s awful news it must be so hard to get around and do all the things we take for granted. I hope you feel better soon. Take care, stay safe love Anne Owens xxx Well done to Jacqueline xx

  8. Well done Jacqueline, enjoy. Christina, we all are thinking of you and wishing you well. Be patient you will get there. Diana Lawton xxx

  9. Awww Christina so sorry you are still in agony. I share it with you as I have been there. Eight years ago I had a knee replacement....best thing I ever did. Hope you are on the mend soon .
    Congratulations Jaqueline.... Have fun. Sending hugs and best wishes to everyone.Kind regards Ann Toppcards Leeds.

  10. Congrats to Jacqueline.Love and a hug for you Christina.Hope you soon get the scan and that your knee is healed quickly to relieve the pain.It must be so frustrating for you not being able to get to your craft room easily. I bet Ruby is giving you lots of cuddles to help you relax. Take care xxx

  11. Congratulations Jacqueline,enjoy your set.
    Glad your hip injury is just muscular. Time will take care of that one.
    I hope the knee will not required any surgery just physiotherapy.
    We will all be patiently waiting for you to recover completely.
    Take all the time you need. There are plenty of videos to browse through while you take good care of yourself with Ruby at your side. You are a very precious person and your work is highly appreciated.
    Please keep us posted on your recovery...the good, the bad even the ugly:-)
    Much affection
    Christine xxx

  12. So sorry to hear you are in so much pain Christina. Hope you are on the mend soon. Congratulations on your win Jacqueline enjoy your prize

  13. Congratulations Jacqueline. Sorry to hear that things are not good. Hopefully you don't need surgery on your knee and the CAT Scan shows a good result. Take it easy and look after yourself

  14. Congrats to the winner.
    So sorry to hear about your knee and hip. Hope you get some help in near future and you are not in too much pain. Take care, Maria x

  15. Christina, I have a knee problem too, so know how you feel. Can they give you "cortisone" shots in your knee? I was barely able to walk, but I got one of those shots and it was like a miracle. I walked out of there with no pain. I get them every 3 months in my knee and both wrists and it really is a miracle drug. The bad thing about your injuries, though, is that one's on your left side and the other on your right. I imagine it's quite difficult to get around at all. I hope all the good wishes and prayers you're receiving are helping.
    Sherry Hay

  16. Hi Christina,
    I was hopping to hear better news ... so sorry that you are still in a lot of pain.You really must take it easy and follow doctor's instructions. Hope the pain eases soon. Yes,we miss your daily posts and videos but your health is more important right now,so please, please take care of yourself.
    Congratulations Jacqueline!
    Stay safe and healthy.

  17. Sorry to hear about your knee and hip pain. Hope you'll have a speedy recovery. Take care.

  18. Sorry to hear you are struggling Christina, hope you soon feel better. X Karen Holmes x

  19. So sorry to hear your news Christina but at least they seem to be taking action to put you 'back together'.

  20. congratulations Jacqueline, enjoy your prize. Oh Christina how awful for you. Just take it day by day and hope you will soon be on the mend xxxx

  21. Sad to hear that your in pain hopefully the doctor will be able to something quick to relieve the pain....take it easy.
    Congrats to the winner...enjoy the magazine and the goodies that comes with it.

  22. Oh Christina, so sorry to hear that you're got problems with your left hip and right knee. Make sure you haven't got the start of osteoarthritis or osteoporosis (as docs have been telling me for years that I have wear and tear) now confirmed as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis with a DAXA scan. I know that feeling well. Hope if it is muscular in your hip it can be easily sorted with physio and if it is damaged cartilage, they can do something for you.


  23. Hello everyone
    I just want to respond here I want to thank you for congratulating on the prize I won Thank you Christina for a wonderful prize I have not yet received it when it is inside I will send you a message Christina
    I'm glad I won
    and I wish you all the best, love Jacqueline Koendering


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