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November 21, 2021


 Hi Everybody,

It’s been a lovely day here and Ruby and I went walking this morning, while the sun was out.  But once back home it was all the boring stuff like washing and housework I am still cleaning up the dust that settles every day after having my floors done.

 But I had eleven packs of flooring left over and so being a glutton for punishment I have decided to use it and get my craft room floor done. My craft room was done up in my loft a few years ago now by Griff and at the time I had a carpet fitted.

It made it really cozy up there but over the years I have regretted thar decision. I have spilt glue on it and paint. Ruby chewed a bottle of masking fluid all over it , and I have burn marks in it from dropping the hot glue on it and didn’t notice it.

So this has just made my mind up for me and so it has been arranged  and will be dome next week. It will be easier to keep clean and I am looking forward to it.

 Now onto the draw for Fridays stamp set and the name this week is …

Gloria Lamb

Would you email me your postal address please to

and I will send it to straight away. Please let me know when you have it safely and I hope you enjoy playing with it.

More tomorrow …

Hugs xx

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