October 01, 2014

Three more shows to go ...

Hi Everybody,

Well I am down to the last three shows .... I think !!

Today there are two at 1 pm and 7 pm and then one more on Thursday at 6 pm and then off to Bristol.

I have a Spectrum Noir "Workshop" there on Saturday and that class is fully booked.

Then I am ready for home and the one thing I am really looking forward to is ..... a long hot bath !!

Hotels only have showers and I long to soak in a bubble bath and just relax .... heaven.

So here is another card from the C&C shows and I really like this one.  It is created with the  Delightful Foliage which is now sold out

It is pretty and girly with my usual pink, flowers, ribbons and pearls.  The flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts 

The pretty gingham ribbon is from Mei Flower and blends with the design

And so I will close now and just add ...

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Christina
    I really like this die and you have turned it into a beautiful card ,
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  2. Beautiful card Christina. These new dies are truly lovely.

  3. You must be struggling now with so few dies left on the show. I can imagine that you are tired, just coping with Dean must be exhausting.
    The cards are all lovely, these dies are prefect for your style
    Janice W

  4. Gorgeous card Christina, just been watching you on C&C, very well done, xxxxx

  5. Morning Christina,
    A very pretty card, loved the shows that I have been able to watch. It's been a real marathon for you, bet you will be glad to get home.

  6. Only got back from holiday yesterday afternoon so have missed your shows :(( I'm sure you did some gorgeous cards - I love this one today. Pat x

  7. Hi Christina
    Another stunning card today. I'm glad that your having a great time show casing these dies. I wish C & C would let you do a card with the dies that are sold out I meanwhen all the dies have sold out instead of cancelling shows. Because people are still interested in what kind of cards you can make with them, as you come up with different styles using the same die. It's the same with all demonstrators. Hope you enjoy your soak when you get back home after one long stint.

  8. Hello Christina, Can I just say how much I admire your extensive craft talents. I first stRted reading your blog earlier this summer, having found some really good teaching VT on YouTube. I was so pleased for you when you we asked to rep for Spellbinders on C.&C and I loved that you won't allow anything that is done in your name go out if it's not up to your own standards ( very rare these days) I mean the individual flowers on a few weeks ago.
    I have health issues which can block normal sleep patterns, and I have had the opportunity to look at lots and lots of snippets on YouTube which I have found so helpful to me, as I am a fairly new paper crafter and die cutting helps me to achieve a really better standard of crafting. I just want to thank you for all the hard work you and your camera crew (hubby I think?) have done over a serious amount of time. I wish you we'll in your new role as an Ambassador of Spellbinders , and please keep your own standards and don't let anyone try to change you as it's so refreshing to see. God Bless you.

  9. Lovely Christina! I've managed to catch a few of the C&C shows via computer bug the 5 hour time difference makes the timing a little tricky. You do a great job and it's such fun to actually see you.

  10. Hi Christina another lovely card today Beryl xx

  11. A beautiful die made into a beautiful card, pink my favourite...I bet you are looking forward to getting back home now to a bit of normality, I like you, love my hot, bubbly, soaking bath, so I know how you feel. Enjoy the remainder of your shows....luv Ursula xx

  12. This card is for sure frilly and it turned out really nice...
    I can only imagine that you will be happy to be home again.
    Your doing great Christina....

  13. Hi Christina,a very beautiful card. Lovely colours. Have sat rec.for the 7pm show,will see you there....Have a good time and enjoy your bubbles :-)

  14. Hi Christina really enjoyed the show today Wednesday was lucky once again to get my email read out, this card is beautiful, and I have really enjoyed the shows.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens(Liverpool).

  15. Christina that beautiful die template was made for you and your style of card making - I'd say "a marriage made in Heaven!". Safe journey home to you both - eventually.
    Mary Mac x

  16. Hi Christina, that's a beautiful card! I'm so pleased that your shows are getting sell-outs all the way through :)

  17. Hi Christina what a busy bee you have been this week, I have watched nearly all your shows you must be exhausted. The new dies are lovely and I am sure your demos helped to sell them out. Lovely card in your picture enjoy your hot bath when you get it. xxx

  18. Very pretty die. Very beautiful card, love your colours. Dianne

  19. Good morning Christina,
    The new Spellbinders are lovely especially the ones that you can make a frame with and cut out to mat and layer. I didn't get them as they were just too much for me but you have made beautiful cards with the ones that i have seen. Thank you and good journey onwards to Bristol i think you said for a Spectrum Noir course,
    Crafty hugs
    Norah (Glenochil)

  20. Gorgeous framing and lovely flowers, your doing a wonderful job selling these!

  21. Christina,
    Gorgeous card. It's been quite a workout for you this week, and you deserve wee break. Hope you have a grand time in Bristol.


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