April 29, 2015

Let me tell you a story ....

Before at Donnas house
Hi Everybody,

Griff and I have four daughters between us and his youngest one Donna, gave my youngest one Vickie a playhouse for the garden.

 Donnas' children no longer use it as they are growing up, and of course Vickie has her Grand daughter ... who is three year old Isabella.

Last week Griff took it all down from Donnas and transported it into Vickies garden.

Over the weekend while I have been on C&C she has been busy adding undercoat to all the parts.

She chose a lovely green and white and on Monday  Griff and I went round to help her paint it all and hopefully make a start to put the house back together in her garden.
The weather was really kind to us and we had so much fun being labourers for Griff as he did the work

Isabella knows nothing about this playhouse and Vickie wants it all finished for the weekend when she will have her over to stay.

We have been so excited about getting this done we are worse than kids.  You'd think we where going to live in it !!

Once the platform was built,  and placed in the position where it needed to be,  the walls are starting to go in.

The tree in next doors garden had to have a serious haircut to accommodate the roof height

But work went on at a steady pace ... mixed with regular brew stops.
Here the walls are done and the fencing around the platform is taking shape and the next part is getting the roof back on

But we are so pleased that we have got so much work done and thank fully the rain held off

The roof is on here and Vickie and I cant wait to start adding things to it ... much to Griffs despair.

The ladder is now safely in place and it is as steady as a rock ... and very heavy.

But now it is decoration time. Yaay !!

Griff thinks we are going overboard with the things that have been bought for the house .... we said he's not female and he's not three so what would he know

After at Vickies House
There is a periscope, telescope, ships bell and a ships wheel at the left side of the house

And  a "Welcome" sign at the front of the house.

We have added in two Dragonflies, a Butterfly and some bunting along the edge of the platform and some more bunting to go inside.

It has bright pink flower boxes on the fence with flowers planted in them and her little car is in the "Garage" under the house.

We have added in some pink furniture and a green rug and some little pottery snails to greet Isabella as she climbs the ladder.

Under the house and the play area has to be finished yet with some rubber chips to keep if soft, safe and clean.

And today Vickie is going to add in a little fence around the edges where the rubber chips will be.

On Saturday we are  going to be waiting for Isabella to arrive and Griff will be filming one little girls reaction to this wonderful house that her Nana Vickie  has created for her ... and I can't wait

Many many thanks to Donna for letting Vickie have this house ...  but now Donna likes the changes so much ... she wants it back !!

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Oh Christina, Isabella will be absolutely delighted when she sees her new playhouse. Can't think of anything you have forgotten. I have a 3 year grandson and 4 year old granddaughter and I know they would just love this. Perhaps I should put it on my "Honey Do List" now that my husband has retired. We also have a 2 year old granddaughter and 1 year old grandson. Thanks so much for sharing all the pics and inspiration for us. Have a great day.

  2. Wow! Christina I can see one very excited little girl.
    i just LOVE what you have done and all the little pots of flowers. The whole project is AMAZING
    Patricia x

  3. What a great job you have all done, bet there will be one overjoyed little girl when she sees her new house, bet she will want to sleep over, has she got a cerd making station set up in it ??????
    cheers Kaye

  4. What a kinc gesture & doesn't the playhouse looks so different now. I'm sure your great granddaughter will love it.

  5. Such a lovely story Christina of real and very happy family life. I really enjoyed reading this and seeing what fun you all had bringing it back to life again. I'm sure Isabella will be delighted with it and gets a lot of enjoyment out of it, as the grown ups did!!! Thank you for your daily blog and all the inspiration it gives, i especially like your tutorials. Many thanks and hugs Margaret

  6. How gorgeous is that. There's going to be one happy little girl. Xx

  7. Hi Christina, what fun a certain little girl is going to have in the following days, weeks, months etc! and I must say what a wonderful job you all have done....and you never can have to many bits and pieces to play with or too much pink in a little girls cubby. Janelle x

  8. Oh that is so beautiful Christina! You and Griff did a wonderful job...it would be the envy of any child! Gosh, i am 60 years old and I would love to play in it!!

  9. Morning Christina,
    Lovely tree house, q wonderful surprise for your great granddaughter.

  10. I want to come to play tooooooooo........
    Have fun.
    Elaine H X

  11. How adorable is that? So, so cute... she will love it!.... Hope you're able to post the video of her reaction to seeing/playing in it for the first time.

  12. Looks great, but who was having the most fun? Vickie looks far to young to be a gran, but then you don't look old enough to be a great gran.
    Have fun this weekend when the new home owner moves in. She'll want to sleep there.
    Janice W

  13. Hi Christina, wow can I come and live in this beautiful house? The little one is going to LOVE her new play house, so generous of Griffs daughter to pass it on.
    Regards Liz.

  14. Hi Christina
    It'll be great to see the video to see how your great grand daughter reacts to her new house. Yous have made it look really good.

  15. What a fabulous tree house Chrisatina and love the way you'[ve decorated it, cant wait to see her little face when she sees it


  16. Hi Christina
    What a stunning house. No wonder she wants it back, it looks so lovely.

  17. Hi Christina
    How amazing is that. You've all done a fantastic job. There will be one very happy little girl come the weekend. Don't forget to let us know what her reaction is.
    Love and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  18. I can imagine the look of wonder on that little one's face when she sees this. I love how you've embellished it, it's a very special playhouse.

  19. Hi Christina, to me, you are a star of all things crafty, a famous " You Tube" star, not to mention the TV screen, yet you are just the same as all grandma's, and great grandma's.in the way that you love making things for your little ones.
    Tell Griff if he thinks it's too girlie he should make plans for a fort or castle just in case a little prince joins your family. Lol X Ros

  20. How gorgeous, love the colour and the grandchildren will love it.
    Di B. x

  21. Charming! Can't wait to see the video of Isabella's first visit to her house. You all did a wonderful job, and Griff is an excellent carpenter as well as "Film Crew"! Have a wonderful time at the Grand Opening of the new house.

  22. Well done all of you! That is brilliant - Fingers crossed for a sunny Saturday so that you can all enjoy it. Flowers, Ribbons and butterflys!! Have fun - Love to all xxx

  23. Wow Christina,what a beautiful play house she will want to sleep in it I am sure your great grand child will be a very excited little girl when she sees her new "home".Hope we can see a bit of her excitement ? Take care Jane B.

  24. Good Morning Christina :) OMG!!! I absolutely love, love, love this sooooooo much!!! Ohhhh I just want to come play too! When I saw the ships bell and telescope, I thought of Mary Poppins and the Captain that shot the cannon off at 6:00 or somewhere around. What a lovely, lovely thing to do for Donna and Griff and you and Vickie to pitch in to redo and decorate so Isabella can enjoy. I soooo hope we get to see Isabella's reaction. Perhaps Isabella will invite us all to a gigantic tea party in her awesome new home. What a lovely and joyful story Christina. Thank you soooooo much for sharing this with us. Enjoy your day. Big Hugs.

  25. Christina..... A beautiful house and an even more beautiful demonstration of love and joy in a family. You all are truly blessed.....

  26. wow you all did an amazing job of redesigning the little house. Isabella is going to love it. many happy hours will be spent playing in there.well done. thanks for sharing your story.

  27. OOOOOOOOOOOOO! What a lucky little girl!!! I am going to show this post to my hubby in hopes that he will build something similar for our grandchildren (and me) to play in. If he can build our entire house by hand I think he can manage to build one of these! Thanks for sharing and I would love to see the video of her reaction!

  28. How wonderful of you all. Shed loads of hard work has been done here. Looking forward to seeing Isabella's reaction on Saturday :0)

  29. You'll be on C&C with a home décor show next!!! What a fabulous playhouse and what a lucky little girl to have such caring grandparents. Pat x

  30. Isabella is going to have many happy time in her playhouse...
    You both did a great job decorating the play area...
    Thank you for sharing this event with us...
    Well done everyone

  31. What a cute story. You guys had as much fun doing all that as Isabella will have playing there. Such a cute little play house, she will have many hours of fun. Thanks for sharing, Be sure and get pictures to share, when she sees it for the first time.

  32. Wow...it's amazing how totally different it looks just by painting it a different colour! It's a beautiful play house and what great weather you had to get the project finished. x

  33. What a sensational surprise for any little girl, she will be speechless with delight. Hearty congratulations to the young at heart adults who had such a wonderful dream for their much loved Isabella. Wishing you all plenty more happy days together and thank you Christina for sharing this lovely story with us.

  34. What an amazing project, your little Isabella is going to be so excited to see this in her Grandma's garden she will not want to go back home. You have been lucky with the weather to get all that done this week and all those finishing touches, woweeeee, even I could have a play in there. We hope to see the little excited girlies video next week....would love to be there in person to see her excitement.....luv Ursula xxx

  35. What little girl wouldn't think she is Queen of the Castle in this play house!!! Being only 3 she has many, many years to enjoy. Thanks ever so much for sharing and hope you post a few pictures of Isabella when she first sees her new house.

  36. What a lovely story, thank you for sharing with us. Diana

  37. Hi Christina and Griff, what a wonderful project Isabella will be chuffed to bits, wish we had toys like that when we were children.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  38. What a fabulous story Christina, I do love the changes, but my Granddaughter, Sam, would never EVER have forgiven me if I had changed it from purple as that is her fav colour! Isabella is going to one VERY happy little girl and it will be so worth all the work that each of you has put in! I hope that you will share with us the video of her reaction? I would so love to see her little face light up and hear her squeals of delight! Thanks for sharing this with us, it certainly brought a smile to my face I can tell you!
    Karen xx

  39. What a marvelous Playhouse for Isabella. The transformation is super and I sure you will post a picture when she sees it for the first time!

  40. Christina, thank you for sharing the fun and planning that Griff , you, and Vicki had in planning and remodeling the play house. My granddaughter's would love this. Me too! ! Is it big enough to sleep all night in ? ? Love sleeping outside with my grandchildren. Lol
    I just got home from spending over a week with my daughter and her new daughter. This post of yours made me smile. ~blessings ( can't wait to see Isabella's face. )

  41. Hi Christina,
    Who had the most fun I wonder :-)
    Can see Isabella will love the new playhouse and spend many happy hours in there
    Hugs Maria x

  42. I would love one of these for my Grandson. Lovely present.


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