August 24, 2015

Clean Craft Room ...

Hi Everybody,

Yesterday was Formula One Day and Griff was glued to the telly, so I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to have a clear out in my craft room.  You would be amazed at the the things I came across up here and now that I have banished some to the trash can there is more room.

But I have several items that are excellent and I will be offering them at a good price as pre loved crafting goodies. I only have one of each item though so it's first come first served.

Today I am offering for sale some of the Glitter Girls embossing boards.  Some are the boards ... others have the book that tells you how to make the cards pictured and one has the DVD that creates the characters to fit the clothes on the board.

The first one is called  Framey  and this will help you to create frames and apertures on dark card as well as light.

You can create mats to layer onto your base and there are borders as well as a star that can be added once cut out.

The instruction sheet is with the board
This one is called Illusion and this one will help you to make boxes for your cards.

There are letters and numbers on one side so that you can monogram your projects. And there is a scroll that you can add the monograms too if you wish.

Add the bow to make the card extra pretty.  And this also comes with the instruction sheet.

Here we have Celebrations and on this board there are Champagne flutes and several borders for you to create.

There are entwined hearts with scalloped edges and  two horseshoes... and a really large centrepiece that can be embossed and layered onto your card base with places for you to add pearls or gemstones if you wish.

 This is the board called  Embellisher 

With this one you can create beautiful Ovals and Hearts that you can add flowers too as a centrepiece for your cards.

Or create an aperture, borders and a Christmas tree and the instruction leaflet will give you some extra ideas

These are an excellent way to start if you are new to cardmaking as they are ready to use straight away ... and a perfect alternative to die cutting.

You don't need anything extra other that a stylus and a craft knife to get busy making those lovely shapes to add to your designs.

All the boards are cellophane wrapped and are offered to you for £7.50 each + P&P  and that depends on where you live   (I would estimate about £3.50 for UK)

If there is one of these that you would like then please email me  and the board will go to the first one.  I will then invoice you and once the payment is received the board will be on it's way to you.

Tomorrow is Tuesday Tutorial and so the next sale will be Wednesday when I will be showing you the boards that are for sale complete with the booklets .

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Good morning Christina,
    Craft Room Clear outs are amazing!!! amazing ..... what you find!!
    I have a little store room at the back of our garage where things get relegated to.
    Kind of "out of sight out of mind" ...... really should get out there, have a bit of a clear out.
    Have a good day
    Patricia x

  2. Hi Christina
    I had my clean out in June when i moved house , i came across my Glitter Girl boards , not used in quite a while but you can make some beautiful cards with these boards .
    Have a lovely Monday.
    Elaine H X

  3. Hi Christina,
    my own Glitter Girls boards are in a drawer and not been out for a while but they are so useful I wouldnt part with them.
    Love Val in Spain x

  4. I'm do wish I could make my craft room look tidy. I suppose trying to squeeze a quart into a pint pot doesn't lend itself to tidiness. I have got my eyes on the larger bedroom next to my craft room, I just need to persuade hubby that it's time I moved in there! Pat x

  5. What exactly are these boards? I have never heard of them before. THANKS!

  6. Hi Christina
    I had a clear out the other week and have now turned our small bedroom into my craft room and it's great being able to go up there and just do my own thing without being in anyone's way
    Love and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  7. I have Glitter Girl boards as well that have never seen the light of day.....Wonder how much I would find if I had a real good clear out....good of you to offer it for sale Christina....luv Ursula xx

  8. Nice to have a clear out, must give it a go this fall.

  9. I think I brought near enough every glitter girl board going an never used on of them, on day I will odo a clear out think I got enough to open small shop. Take care Melody xxx


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