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August 13, 2015

Holiday Day One - Oslo

Hi Everybody,

So here we are back at home and trying hard to catch up with everything that has piled up while I have been away.

We have had the most wonderful holiday and now it's time to get back to work.

But first I would like to share with you some of the photos that we took as we visited eight different countries.

We sailed from Southampton on the 29th July aboard Arcadia bound for the Baltics and although it was cloudy it was relatively calm.

We had a good look around the ship before it got too busy and altogether there were about 2900 passengers and 660 crew.

The next day it was fine all morning but in the afternoon it became windy and rougher and I spent about 18 hours in my cabin ... horizontal and so seasick.  I didn't have the inclination to go the formal evening and I certainly couldn't face eating and the travel sickness pills didn't work either.

But the next morning I was fine and ready for breakfast.  Please don't let that put you off cruising ... just buy stronger travel sick pills! Griff was fine and no sickness at all it's just me ... I am a wimp !!

The first stop was in Norway and we went on a trip to Oslo.  This is the huge Ski Jump at a place called Holmenkollen and obviously in the winter it is covered in snow.

But the day we visited people where coming down from the top on zip wires and it looked really scary
This is the top most section of the jump that you can see sticking up on the top photo and it was along way down.

The view from the top of the mountain was lovely though and worth the journey up and our guide told us that the price of the houses up there is astronomical.

Winter for them is from about the end of September until the following May so a long time to be cold.

Luckily for us the day was fine, warm and sunny and Oslo is quite a pretty, bustling place to visit

Would you want to launch yourself off the top of that and then literally fly through the air on skis ?? No .. me neither!!

This is a statue of Gustav Vigeland who created the most beautiful Sculpture park for you to wander through.

There are flowers everywhere and the smell of roses filled the air. It was a very warm and of course that accentuated the aroma even more

In the centre of the park there is a tall statue that represents the stages of life from birth to death.

The figures on the column are all intertwined and it is really very moving to see.

The central column is surrounded by more figures, kneeling, lying, standing and they are huge and carved from stone.

They show babies, children, parenthood, some are sorrowful,
one shows old people in various stages of their lives

As you walk down this wide stone stairway it leads you to a large fountain that is again surround by carved figures.

Our guide told us that each of the figures tells the story of of the sculptures life and the stages he went through as he grew old.

Altogether a very pleasant day in a lovely city and then it was back on board for the sail away and headed for Denmark and the second city on our cruise.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Welcome home and glad you enjoyed the holiday, Your writing makes me feel like I'm there with you, keep it coming
    thanks Kaye

  2. So funny to watch your pics. I grew up in Oslo and live now about 20 minutes drive from the Capitol. Nice to read that you had a nice time in Norway :)

  3. Good Morning Christina :) Yay You!! Welcome Home!! What a Beautiful story and pictures!! Seriously... you need to write a book Christina. Yet, another avocation! Thank you, thank you thank you so much for sharing. Glad you are back at home safe and sound. You were so missed! Big Hugs.

  4. Looks amazing Christina and Griff so glad you had a good holiday, you both so well deserved it.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens xx

  5. Wow that ship is huge...sorry that you were sea-sick
    nice picture of you and you husband
    I love the story of the statues...
    Thank you sharing DayOone of your holiday

  6. Hi Christina
    Welcome home and from the looks of the beautiful photos it's back down to earth with a bump. Sounds as if you've both had a fantastic time - so glad you've enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing more about it in the coming days. What a shame that you had to spend one of your days being ill but at least it didn't spoil everything later on. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Love and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  7. Hi Christina, I checked your blog earlier and saw nothing new. Had a second look now and saw your update. So pleased you had a great holiday - I would love to do that cruise - maybe another year!. Our holiday is at the beginning of Sept. so I still have something to look forward too! Anyway- welcome home- you've been missed xxx

  8. Thank you very much for sharing your trip. I will never get to go to any of these places and I find your photos and descriptions very interesting. Looking forward to seeing more.

  9. HinChristine.
    I glad you had a fabulous trip and a good rest. I'm loving the pictures and look forward to seeing some more.

  10. Home already ,it seems to have flown by, So pleased you recovered quickly to enjoy the rest of your Holiday , lovely photo's
    Elaine H X

  11. Other than your seasickness, it looks like your cruise is off to a fabulous start. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. I'm looking forward to the rest of it.

  12. welcome back glad you enjoyed your holiday.x

  13. Thank you for letting us share your trip Christina, lovely photos. I'm so pleased that you & Griff had such a fabulous holiday, it was well deserved! Pat

  14. Welcome home Christina after your wonderful trip. It s fabulous to be visiting so many countries and cities. Enjoying your travel blog and look forward to the next one xx

  15. So happy that you had such a great time, though I do think you might have taken me along with you! ;) lol! Welcome back Christina, I wouldn't mind betting it feels like it is all over in a flash and would have liked more of the same! I don't think I would have wanted to come back home!
    Karen xx

  16. It is good to hear you are back safe and sound and had a good long holiday. Nice to hear you had fairly good weather.

  17. hi Christina, thanks for sharing
    It certainly sounds like you had a wonderful time. I look forward to the next episode of your trip and the lovely photos hugs Lyn xxx

  18. Welcome home! Sounds like you had a good time except for the seasick part.

  19. Hi Christina, welcome back, pleased you and Griff had a really enjoyable holiday. Your photo's are lovely as is the story that goes with them, look forward to hearing all about the rest of your holiday.
    Regards Liz.

  20. Great Pics Christina, perfect holiday, xxxx

  21. welcome home from your fantastic holiday. will look forward to day 2. cheers.

  22. Hi Christina, fabulous photo's and love the description you are giving, some lovely memories for you and Griff.
    Regards Liz.

  23. Hi Christina, Oh yes I agree with someone else who said you could write a book.
    It has been great following on your Baltic journey on the Arcadia, something I
    would love to do myself one day. Is it you or Griff who have taken
    the photos ? anyhow they are all amazing and so many memories to think back too. Thank you for sharing this with us and hope you both had a nice break but sure you missed your grand daughter :-) Take care Maria from Sweden


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