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August 03, 2015

Stockholm ...

Hi Everybody,

A little note to let you all know where I am.   We have found a little spot in Stockholm with FREE WiFi and so this is the ideal opportunity to write a quick blog post.

The cruise is going really well and so far we have visited Norway, Denmark and today we are in Sweden.  All the cities we have visited so far have been really beautiful and I have taken photos of many things.  

We sail again at 4.30 pm heading for Estonia. But the highlight for me is Russia when we have two days in St Petersburg.  I will be sure to take many more photos to show you.

But I cannot add them to the blog yet .... that will happen when I get home.  Thanks for all you messages. I am adding them when I can but as you can imagine WiFi  on the ship is expensive. So until we find another free spot that's it for now.
                Hugs xx


  1. have a wonderful time away

  2. So glad you are enjoying your vacation, nice to hear from you.

  3. So pleased you are enjoying your Cruise Christina.

  4. Wow sounds amazing....can't wait to see photo's. <3 xx

  5. Hi Christina
    So glad you're having a good time and enjoying yourselves. It sounds amazing visiting all those beautiful places. I've heard that St Petersburg is supposed to be really interesting so enjoy
    Love and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  6. Hi Christina glad your having a nice little adventure lovely hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  7. Good Evening Christina :) It was so good to read how your trip (adventure) is going. I'm really looking forward to seeing your pictures and reading your stories. Looking forward to your next update. Thank you for sharing and continued safe travels. Big Hugs.

  8. Hej Christina, Ha en underbar semester ! It means, Hi Christina, have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy your Cruise, most be fantastic to get to see so many lovely places . Also hope the weather is better than here. Funny summer. Looking forward to see some photos. Take care Hej da ,( the a with a little circle over it) bye, Maria x

  9. Hi Christina,
    Glad you're enjoying your trip,, Russia will be beautiful, never been there but those minarets and gold domes look amazing, I do china painting and am painting one of these scenes at the moment.
    Di B. xx

  10. Hi Christina, glad to hear your having a good time. Take care melody xxx

  11. Hope you have a great trip.....can't wait to see pics. Also can't wait to have you back....miss you and your posts.

  12. So happy you are having a wonderful trip. Enjoy!!


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