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August 19, 2015

Holiday Day Six - St Petersburg

Hi Everybody,

St Petersburg sits on the banks of the River Neva and it was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great

It has changed names several times in its history and was once the capital of Russia

This has to be one of the most famous sights  associated with this city and this is the Church of the Spilled Blood and it is beautiful.

The domes are covered in gold leaf and it is truly a spectacular sight to behold

Going inside this church is a must as it is just as beautiful inside as it is out.

This is the inside of this magnificent building and every inch of it is covered

But I must warn you of Pick Pockets here as in any big city and you won't know about it until they are well gone ... with your wallet.

There is so much to see and do here and it is a really busy city with lots of slow moving traffic.

Two days was not nearly long enough to see all the wonderful sights
There is a palace on every street corner and it would take you years to visit them.

But another place to visit is the Winter Palace and I could have spent hours in there looking around the rooms.
The gold is everywhere and as long as you don't use flash you are allowed to take photographs.

The walls here are white and gold and the floor is simply wonderful.
Imagine going dancing to a grand ball dressed in all your finery on a floor like that.

And gold chandeliers are everywhere ... many many of them to each room

This is the throne room and it was huge.

I don't have the space to show you all the pictures I took and they do not do justice to what your eyes can see.

Never the less I hope you have enjoyed just a little glimpse into Russia

This is the Hermitage and holds a vast collection of over four million items.

Our guide told us it would take 12 years to see all the things in here and of course they are not all on display at the same time.

It was wonderful inside and I could have spent hours in there ... but our time was limited
This next one is a painting and NOT a photo.

The reason it is a painting is because the actual building is covered in scaffolding and polythene as the restoration work is carried out in the summer months.

This is Smolny Convent and it was originally built as a church.

But the story our guide told us is that someone committed suicide and so it was never consecrated and therefore it couldn't be used as a church and these days it is used as a convent instead.

 In the afternoon we visited the Peter and Paul Fortress and this was  very busy but worth the wait.
 Once again an abundance of gold and marble and inside are the tombs of all the Russian Tsars and their families throughout history

 But this was the saddest moment for me as this is where the remains of Tsar Nicholas and all his family are interred

The story of Anastasia has been romanticised down the years saying that she survived when the her family where murdered by the Bolsheviks on 1917

But her remains where found with the rest of her family  when they where found in 1998

It was a very sad tribute to them and very beautifully kept in lovely surroundings

Russia is a place that you cannot visit unless you have a visa but if you are on a cruise then the visa is done for you by the cruise company.

It is is so well worth it and the opulence of this city will amaze you.

These pictures do not show the real colors of this wonderful city

Now to bring you back to present day this is to let you know that I will be on Create and Craft at 9am tomorrow the 20th August.  Then later in the day I have a two hour show at 12 noon so please join me if you can 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures Christina!

  2. Wow. how wonderful to see all those beautiful places, thank you so much for sharing them with us, would love to go there, dream on!!!!!
    thanks Kaye

  3. Well you have seen some beautiful sights on your Holiday Christina , I always wonder how long it took , the sweat and toil , and the skill used for these beautiful buildings to be made ?
    Oh the Chandeliers look fab and the Gold leaf Ahhh i think i may have to have a look at Russia .
    Thank you for Sharing your Holiday.
    Elaine H

  4. Wow, wonderful pics of your cruise, xxx

  5. I've really enjoyed visiting these wonderful places through your photos Christina. Thank you. The story of Anastasia is really sad and would have been very romantic if the lady who claimed to be her was not sadly found to be an imposter.
    Looking forward to tomorrows shows.
    Val in Spain x

  6. Yes it's an amazingly beautiful city ,it brought back memories of the time I was there.
    Great pictures Christina,thanks for sharing them .Jane B

  7. Morning Christina,
    Thanks for sharing your photos they are great.

  8. HinChristina
    Thank you for showing us wonderful St Petersberg. Also for the detailed description of each place you visited. It looks a truly wonderful place. Hubby won't go on a cruise I'm afraid. We went on 1 and he hated it. We sailed from Southampton and hated the days at sea, not enough time ashore, etc etc.

  9. Looks like a dream came true for you Christina - It looks almost beyond description but you did us all proud- thanks. Already got your tomorrow shows ready to record. xx

  10. Good Morning Christina :) OMG!!! Magnificent.... just Magnificent!!! Seriously Christina... write a book or do a slide show video with you narrating for your children to have. I never knew any of these things and I am just mesmerized by your stories and pictures. Thank you ever so much! I have truly, truly enjoyed your wonderful travel log. Enjoy a fascinating day Dear Lady! Big Hugs.

  11. What a great trip. It astounds me that there is so much color and majesty in the buildings. When I think of Russia I imagine a very depressed and dreary place. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  12. Hi Christina, your holiday looks amazing. I have never been on a cruise, I'm not a bit adventurous, looks truly wonderful tho. Look forward to watching you tomorrow.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  13. Never visited Russia, but you sure have given me a taster...looks like you had a wonderful time Christina.....I will record your shows tomorrow and watch at my leisure when I get the chance....luv Ursula xx

  14. What a magnificent church! You are so fortunate to have been there!

  15. Breathtaking tour Christina....thank you so much! You are a wonderful tour guide!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  16. Just beautiful. I can image myself standing in those great rooms. The gold and the artistic ability of those who crafted this is truly a wonder. I have seen a couple small gold rooms in Mexico City once in a church. What you saw was on a grand scale. I can't even image heaven and walking on streets of gold.
    You are such a kind and giving person to share your adventure with us and of course your card making ability.
    One question: when u say you are on Creste and Craft is that in America, too? I have only seen once or twice. :) ~blessinfs, Louise

  17. What a fabulous experience you & Griff have enjoyed Christina. Your photos are stunning - must be all the practice you have photographing your cards!! Pat x

  18. Hi Christina, such beautiful photo's of amazing buildings. Look forward to seeing you on C n C tomorrow hopefully you will get a presenter who lets you get on and craft and not talk about themselves.
    Regards Liz

  19. Hi Christina, all your photos have been lovely to see thanks for sharing, looking forward to tomorrow's shows as my younger granddaughter is waiting to see the sapphire. Take Care Melody xxx

  20. What a beautiful city, love to see the domes. Dianne Crowe

  21. What incredible pictures! The colors are beautiful and all the gold is unreal. What wonderful pictures of history. The world just doesn't build things like these buildings anymore yet these were built without the technology we have today. I would love to visit here.


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