August 15, 2015

Holiday Day Four - Stockholm

Hi Everybody,

Today we have arrived in Stockholm and again another city steeped in history, and another very beautiful place to visit.

It has another palace that you could get close to but it also had the guards outside to keep their eye on you

We went inside this palace but it was a very dark place with most of the curtains drawn against the sunlight and so it was very difficult to take photos and most of them are blurred.

However these are some scenes that I managed to capture inside

This beautiful chandelier was enormous and was only one of many.

But even with the lighting you can see that it was very dark inside.

This statue was at the bottom of one of the staircases and it was very impressive.

It is two lovers kissing and both of them have open eyes.

It was getting near the time for the changing of the guard as we came back into the sunshine and so we found a strategic position to be able to see the parade.
The band played as they approached the palace and it was quite loud as they passed close by.

We couldn't get into the square to see the actual change as it was time for us to head off for lunch at a nearby restaurant as part of our tour.

We had a typically Swedish lunch overlooking this busting square and it was very tasty too I might add.

All too soon it is time to head back to the ship as we sail again at 5pm. 

The sun is shining and the sea is calm and we head off to the Crows Nest for a sail away drink with some new friends we have made

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. thanks Christina, you are really whetting our appetite, your trip sounds absolutely wonderful, thanks for sharing hugs Lyn xxx

  2. Enjoying your tour with you
    cheers Kaye

  3. Looks like you had another interesting day sightseeing.


  4. Morning Christina,
    Thanks for sharing your holiday.

  5. Hi Christina
    Thanks fir showing us your pictures of Stockholm. Shame that the palace curtains were closed against the sun.

  6. Hi Christina - another lovely day for you xx

  7. Hi Christina
    Love the photos - that chandelier looks magnificent. Thank you for sharing - look forward to tomorrow.
    Love & best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  8. Good Morning Christina :) My question this morning is.... What IS the typical Swedish lunch?? I keep envisioning little baby Swedish meatballs in a creamed sauce, but I bet I'm wrong. I am sooooooo enjoying all your stories and pictures. The thought had occurred to me of why the drawn curtains and I'm guessing to protect any valuable paintings, tapestries or art work from the UV rays of the sun. Only a guess. Can't wait for tomorrow's stop. Enjoy your day. Big Hugs.

  9. WOW Christina. I have been trying to keep up with your fabulous trip. Awesome pics. Looks like you had a wonderful time. (I feel as though I was there with you. LOL)

  10. Lovely photos and those chandeliers are stunning. Brought back thoughts of Del boy and Rodney when they cleaned the chandeliers in Only Fools & Horses. I had a good giggle just thinking about it again. Pat x

  11. Enjoying your pics....thanks for sharing them!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  12. Stockholm looks very interesting, glad you were able to venture inside this palace even though it was dark. Can't imagine living in one with just candles.

  13. Looks like an amazing holiday.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  14. Hi Christina,
    enjoying your holiday photos and would be interested in what food youvate for your Swedish lunch.
    Love Val in Spain x

  15. Hi Christina, love the pictures ...every place I'd like to visit :) tfs

  16. hi Christina, lovely photo's, makes me want to there, look forward to the next lot.
    Regards Liz.

  17. Hi Christina, your photos look fab thanks for sharing. Take Care Melody xXx

  18. Christina,
    really enjoying the vacation with the wonderful guide and pictures. Thank you.

  19. Hi Christina, would like to see the cobble streets in 'Gamla Stan' again one day.
    Tank you for sharing you wonderful holiday with us
    Maria x


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