December 05, 2015

Card Winner ...

Hi Everybody,

My what a day ... it's cold wet and blowing a gale. I am hoping it is a little better tomorrow as Vickie and I are taking Isabella to see Father Christmas. 

Vickie is the Grandmother and I am Great Gran to four year old Isabella and I don't know who is more excited about this visit than Vickie and I.  It will be wrap up warm weather but a good day out. 

It is Vickies birthday also which makes it even better

The card draw has been done for the card offered yesterday and the winners name is ...

Can you email me your postal address please to
and the card will be in the post to you first thing Monday morning.

You have 48 hours in which to claim  the card and I hope you will like it when it arrives.
Please let me know when you do .

So no post tomorrow but I will be back on Monday
Have a lovely weekend

Hugs xx


  1. Well done Scrapper, beautiful card on its way to you.....enjoy your visit to Father Christmas Christina with little Isabella....make sure you wrap up warm.....luv Ursula xx

  2. Congratulations Scrapper. The beauty of taking her now to see SNta, is you can if you wish take her back on Christmas Eve. As for who's most excited well it's you of course, as you have been in Vicky's shoes however, she hasn't been in yours, simple. X
    I hope the weather is much kinder tomorrow. X Ros

  3. Congrats to the card winner...
    Christina have a great and fun day with Isabella and seeing Father Christmas...
    I just spent the day with my three year old grand-daughter Molly seeing Santa and she took pictures with him and she was so good....

  4. Congratulations to Scrapper for being the blessed winner have fun visiting Father Christmas. I hope Isabella enjoys it too.

  5. enjoy your trip to see santa Christina. happy birthday to Vickie too. and hugs to you Christina. congrats to the winner of your card. xx

  6. Well Done Scrapper.
    I am sure you all enjoyed the day Christina . x

  7. How lucky you are to be able to spend time with your great granddaughter! Enjoy your day out.

  8. Congratulations Scrapper!! You surely will be watching your mail for this beautiful card. You will treasure this gift. ~blessings, Louise


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