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December 27, 2015

The Isabella Show ....

Hi Everybody,

There have been no blog posts for a couple of days but I have not been idle in the background. 

Yesterday  my blog post for Spellbinders went "live" and I did a tutorial creating a really pretty box with   Flourish Frame Pocket

Fill these with anything that you like and they are the perfect small gift for any time of year.

Yesterday was spent with family and having fun with Isabella. If you have followed me for a while then you will know that Isabella is my adorable and much loved 4 year old Great Granddaughter

 One of her Christmas Gifts was a microphone on a stand and she invited us all to the    "Isabella Show"  where she sang "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer"  and "When Santa got stuck up the Chimney" amongst others.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Isabella is so cute, I bet you love her to bits...I know how much I love mine...luv Ursula xxxround

  2. Aah she sang beautifully, well done Isabella. So lovely Christina xxx

  3. Good Morning Christina,
    My my, what a little cutie, she really sings up a storm. Not the least bit shy...Ann

  4. Isabella is adorable Christina..she is going to be our next singing sensation :))

  5. So stinking cute! I was smiling myself thru the whole video.I am still shocked that you even have a GREAT granddaughter this age-you look wonderful Christina! Bravo Isabella!!xoxo

  6. So cute, dont they make life worthwhile?

  7. Aww Christina it was nice of you to share Isabella's show , it cheered me no end , the magic of Christmas dims a little when you have no little ones to see at Christmas time ,Isabella is a little star,well done Isabella and thank you.
    Elaine H X

  8. Lovely video. Isabella is the same age as my granddaughter. My GGranddaughter is a year older.

  9. What a cutie, children make Christmas.
    Do B. x

  10. How sweet Isabella is! Children are such a blessing!
    Merry Christmas, Christina!

  11. So cute....will be great memories!
    Paper Hugs,

  12. grand children are priceless aren't they. glad you had a wonderful time with family as i did. love the little baskets too.hugs.xx

  13. How adorable Christina, thank you for sharing xx

  14. thank you so much for sharing with us. Diana


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