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December 22, 2015

Tuesday Tutorial - Edgeabilities

Hi Everybody,

Adding a decorative edge to your cards can be easily obtained with the aid of a die, and Spellbinders have several sets that all mix and match together.  This pretty card has been created with one of those sets but the same result can be done with any that you have in your crafting "Stash"

I am aware that these are old dies but some of you may have them and it is always good to re visit the older ones. After all you bought them because you liked them and you may as well put them to good use.

I have linked below to another style that is still available and at a really good price but these dies are being retired and so if you don't  have one,  but like the idea then grab them while you can.
 My apologies that I cannot link to the actual Classic Triple Scallop set that I have used.
Spellbinders Supplies:
Other Supplies:
With die #7 from Matting Basics A cut two pieces and  Create a Hinged Card  for your base
With die #7 from Matting Basics B cut one more layer and dry emboss this with any folder that you have in your "Stash" 
(Please remember that die #1 is always the smallest)
In between these two layers you will need to hand cut another in the colour of your choice so that it leaves a tiny border around the edge. These layers can all be glued to the base card
I chose a deep pink for mine
With die #6 from 5x7 Matting Basics A cut two panels and these are the ones we are going to work on first. The edges on the long sides will be cut with the die so there is no need to emboss
Looking at the dies you will be able to see the difference. The one on the left is the cutting edge and the other two are the inserts to give you the pattern.  Any of the Classic Edges  will be the same and there are several insert sets that can be mixed and matched
With one of the white layers we have just cut and the  cutting edge die I have cut the card on one long side and then flipped it over to cut the other side.
Try to keep the pattern as symmetrical as you can.
Then with some deep pink card and the same die cut along one side.

Using the white panel as your guide place it so that a small border is visible and reposition the cutting die along the other side leaving the same size border.  Tape it in place so that it doesn't slip
Add these two together with foam tape in between the layers. Set aside
On the second white panel place the cutting edge on the outside and choose one of the inserts and tape together to cut. 
Make  this panel a little narrower than the other panel we have just layered and flip the two dies to the other side and cut this edge also. 
Keep the dies as level as you can on either side and once cut I have dry embossed my panel
With some deep pink card I have repeated the process from a previous step to get a small border around this embossed panel 
Layer these two together with foam tape.
I double layered wide and thin ribbon and added a bow at the bottom of the card
Here's a tip for you ... by adding the ribbon vertically down the centre top panel it will detract the eye away from any un-evenness in your edges 
Secure the ribbon at the back of the panels
Stamp and heat emboss your sentiment onto some parchment and layer it on to the same coloured card you have used. Wrap this also around the panels and secure at the back. 
Add all these layers to the base card and dress with the flowers
Push a hat pin into the knot of the bow for an added extra

This effect can be achieved if your dies have a separate cutting edge and fancy inserts to them. Take a look at what you have and improvise ... but most have all have fun making pretty cards for yourself.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Morning Christina, a gorgeous card and I bought the whole set of these edger dies when they were released and not used them much recently used them on some of my Christmas cards so really must as I do like them. Thanks for all the inspiration you give us.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Hi Christina what a beautiful card today. I have a set of dies quite similar to these but have never used them (didn't really know how to). Will definitely be giving this a try.
    The end result is beautiful, and the double layered ribbon makes the card look extra special.
    Thanks again for your brilliant inspiration. Anne Owens xx

  3. Great idea Christina, I have a rush 50th card to do, you've saved my bacon yet again, thanks Ann

  4. Lovely card Christina,Great Tutorial and tip,i agree with you we love our dies then when we get new ones the older ones are forgotten ,was so nice to see the scallop dies again ,i will get mine out in the New Year { promise }
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  5. Lovely card, very pretty & a great reminder to use my border dies.


  6. I have these dies and hardly ever use them, so pretty, xxx

  7. Hi love this tutorial
    i have had these dies ages and never used them but will
    give them ago now.
    Marion H

  8. Another pretty card Christina, I have a couple of border dies so will be able to have a go - once the rush is over!= almost there! xxx

  9. Beautiful card, Christina.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  10. Hi Christina, thank you for re visiting some older dies, it's easy to forget them yet they haven't lost their ability to look gorgeous, as your card shows. The red and white fancy edges set the card apart from plain edge layered cards. X Ros

  11. What a lovely card l like all the elements and the background embossed paper so beautifully presented too! Merry Christmas xx

  12. Morning, Christina,
    Oh my word, what a stunner today! It's really brightened up my morning as the weather down here is 'pants' yet again - they are saying Cornwall is going to have a very wet and windy Christmas. I just love the colours you've chosen and the tip about the vertical ribbon is really helpful :). You've added one f your wonderful pins as well, that's the icing on the cake. I have a couple of edge dies that I think I'll try out to see if I can get anything close to yours (takes a minute for Christina to get up off the floor after rolling around laughing). I don't have the 5x7 matting basics |(yep, they're on my Amazon wish list) but I've got some I can try it out with. Fingers crossed I don't tie myself up in knots with the project. I'm on a roll though as I've just managed to put together my new distress ink storage units and actually made some chalk paint to decorate them with so perhaps decorating my tree has woken up my crafty muse. As always, thanks for a great tutorial.
    Bejay xx

  13. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have these edge dies and never use them because I was always a bit confused as to how to make them work. Now I will be giving them a try! Merry Christmas to you!

  14. Thank you for showing us 'how to'. Always enjoyed your
    tutorials because they are quite easy to follow and I will
    try to do more with the dies I got,just after Christmas.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with the family x

  15. Lovely! Thanks for the reminder... I need to dig these out and use 'em!!

  16. it's a beautiful card and thanks for the tutorial.
    Well done Christina

  17. I have this die set, so will get cracking and try making what you have shown us here, thank you for the tutorial Christina....A beautiful card is the finished product.....luv Ursula xx

  18. Hello Christina,
    Wow! Oh! Wow! a stunning card, love it.
    I have all those Dies and always struggle working out which is which. I am not stupid (well I don't think so myself) !!! Anyway I must rummage them out and have a go with them.
    Thank You for another great Tutorial
    Have a wonderful Christmas if I don't manage back before the Big Day.
    Patricia xxx

  19. I have those dies and who would've thought those dinky little dies could produce such a beautiful card. Well, you obviously, Christina. You continually provide me with inspiration. Thank you so much!

  20. How pretty, love the red panel behind the white, really shows of the edging. Thanks for the tutorial. Have a Happy Holiday. Dianne

  21. Hi Christina
    Thanks for the tutorial. I have the embossing folder and a different set of edgeability dies so will have to have a go in the New Year. Too much going on at present. Hope you have a lovely family Christmas and all the very best for the New Year
    Love & best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  22. Beautiful card Christina. I have these dies and the EF you have used so definitely must have a go at this

  23. beautiful card Christina. merry Christmas to you and your family. xx

  24. A gorgeous card! Love the edges and happy to say I have quite a few Edgeabilitity dies. I'm inspired to pull them out and create. I do enjoy cards that are made with older does. Even if I don't have the specific die, I may have something similar and if I do have it, your project is a bonus.
    Merry Christmas, Christina.
    Sandra Smith

  25. Nice to see an idea for using the edgeabilities in a different way. I think I have this set, so will be giving it a try
    Margaret xxx

  26. Such an unusual design but it works!

  27. This is a beautiful card. The hot pink color is so vibrant and I just love the use of the edgeabilities.


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