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November 05, 2016

Card Winner ...

Hi Everybody,

Ruby is now fully vaccinated and able to go out so this morning we have been to visit my daughter for breakfast.
She has a puppy Cockapoo that is just two weeks older than Ruby. 
I am so pleased to say that they both got on really well with each other and played in the garden.

Vickies puppy is called Dougal and he is twice the size of Ruby even though there's so little difference in their ages ... but Ruby held her own and did not let Dougal get the better of her.
 And out of the two she is the most vocal and did all the barking and growling while they played.

But now back home she is shattered and has gone to sleep on the sofa as I write this post. She is setting in really well and we are going to take her for her first walk out over the weekend and see how she adapts to a lead.

The winner for yesterday's card has been chosen and the name today is yours .....
Linda Weingart 

Would you email me your postal address please to
and the card will be on its way to you

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Christina

    Enjoyed reading the nice update about Ruby

    Congratulations to Linda... enjoy!

    June x

  2. Oh Christina I just found out about Ruby. I have to catch up on your posts. She sounds so cute. Glad she's adjusting well. Enjoy each moment with her.


  3. Congratulations Linda!

    It sounds like Ruby is adjusting eell. I love watching puppies play together. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Congrats Linda.........enjoy catching up on Ruby and now Dougal....Love their names. Have a GREAT day!!!

  5. Congratulations Linda!
    Linda xxx

  6. Congratulations Linda on winning such a pretty card.
    Lovely to hear how Ruby is doing.
    Love Val in Spain xxx

  7. How fun for Ruby to have a play date. Linda you will treasure your card!!!

  8. I loved reading about Ruby's new adventures. I hope you'll continue to post pictures of her.

    Congrats to Lucky Linda!

  9. Congratulations Linda.
    Sounds like Ruby is a plus in your life

  10. Congratulations Linda...Ruby sounds like a little gem, I bet she is going to enjoy her walk out....all those different smells, everything so new and strange to her...what an adventure....luv Ursula xx

  11. Hi Christina, great news about Ruby and glad she has a new friend to play with.
    Congratulations Linda lucky lady.
    Nancyd xx


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