November 09, 2016

Water Colour Wednesday - Get Well Soon ...

Hi Everybody,

Here's a little card that I had some fun creating a while ago and I made it as a get well card.

The image is from the CD The Next Big Thing by Just Inklined and it is one I have used many times.

There are lots of fun images on that CD and if you have it then it's time to look at it again in case there is something that you missed.

If you don't have it then you will need to search for it as it has been discontinued for quite a few years now

To create this card I use only blues and deepened the shadows by being a little heavier with the colour.

The Get Well Soon was simply hand drawn in squiggly lines around the edge of the card and it's not supposed to be neat and tidy.

It gave the recipient a good laugh when it was given and that has to make you feel better straight away

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Morning Christina, this is a fabulous get well card it's bound to make anyone laugh.
    Nancyd x

  2. To days card did make me laugh Christina, but your art work is fantastic , so beautifully done.
    Elaine H X

  3. Morning Christina,
    A fun card, love it.

  4. Hi, Christina,
    I almost choked on my tea when I opened up your blog this morning. This card really made me laugh, what a cute 'patient' and I hate to think what happened to him Lol! I love all the different shades of blue, just right for a get well card😆
    Bejay xx

  5. This is such a fun image Christina. It would certainly cheer me up.
    Love Val in Spain x

  6. Morning Christina

    This would cheer anyone up, especially, I think, children and the male population lol

    June x

  7. Good Morning Christina :) I woke up in total shock and deeply saddened this morning. I really needed a good chuckle. Thank you so much for lightening my heart. Big Hugs.

  8. What a great card - it would make anyone laugh !!
    Sue Mac

  9. Hi Christina
    What a great get well card. Love the 'patient'
    Love & best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  10. great card- hope I never need it!!xxx

  11. Hi Christine
    A very apt get well card, only hope the recipient didn't need quite so many bandages.
    Margaret xx

  12. This is a wonderful get well soon card, loving the image.
    Linda xxx

  13. Christine, I laughed and laughed when I opened your email and saw tis great get well card! Thanks for a good laugh and good idea!

  14. What a cute card! It's bound to bring a big smile to anyone''s face!
    Sandra Smith

  15. I too love this image, I have it on their CD....beautiful work Christina...luv Ursula xx

  16. Wonderful idea for a guy get well card. At first I thought it was a Halloween card, for me I don't do Halloween. Neat idea how you can change images to be suitable for different occasions. Thanks Dianne

  17. Hi Christina. Well this is certainly a get well card with a difference. Great especially for men I think Xx

  18. Great job on card! Funny image. Nice!


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