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November 06, 2016

Ruby Update ...

Hi Everybody,

My name is Ruby and I thought I would pop in to tell you all about my fun day yesterday.

 I made a new friend called Dougal. He is only two weeks older than me but he is a lot bigger and bouncier.

We had some good fun racing around the garden and we even got to dig a big hole in Vickies lawn.

Then we tramped all the mud into her kitchen and it was so much fun to hear her squeal as we made a mess.
Here we are having a doggy chew when we were getting a little tired.

We had a lovely time and Dougal is so friendly.

I like to bite his ears as they are nearly as long as mine

We did a lot of barking and growling .... well I did a lot of barking and growling and I didn't know I could make that much noise.

Barking is fun though and I liked doing that bit !! I even barked at the postman yesterday too.

And after this I needed a good nap to get my beauty sleep ... well  I am only eleven weeks old

My mum loves my eyelashes and I know how to flutter them at her to get what I want.

This morning I have had my breakfast and later today I am being taken for a little walk on a lead but I don't really know what to do with that yet ... except chew it.

I have found a new toy at home too and this was fun to chew after I had had a good sniff at it.

I have a lot more adventures to come as I grow up and there is so much to learn.

But I like my new home and I have been here now for two weeks.

I will be back with more things to tell you

Bye for now xx


  1. What a lovely blog post from Ruby :D :D she's so adorable :D Christine xxx

  2. Hi Christina how adorable are these two puppies, and the eyelashes on Ruby are amazing, I am sure they will grow up to be best pals. Love seeing your updates of these two cuties.
    Kind regards Anne Owens xx

  3. Ruby looks gorgeous & how lovely for her to have a playmate (Dougal)


  4. Hi Ruby, thanks for your newsy update, sounds like you have been lucky to find such a lovely family to adopt,have fun on your first walk, make sure you stop and sniff everything on the way, look forward to your letters an Australian admirer, Kaye

  5. Aww Ruby you are just adorable and what fun you're having, it's good to have a friend to have fun with too, hugs Kate x

  6. ruby, ruby, ruby oh the adventures you'll have. what a cutie. love the pics.

  7. Hi Christina
    Oh Ruby is such a little cutie. She looks adorable and I bet she wraps you round her little paw so to speak. Thanks for the update. Cuddles to you Ruby
    Love & best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  8. Love the update from Ruby, she is so adorable and so glad she has a new friend, Hugs Jennifer xx

  9. What a lovely picture of Ruby and Dougal together - one for the album!
    Jackie x

  10. Well Good Morning Miss Ruby :) I think you should have your very own Blog and I would definitely become a follower! Thank you so much for sharing your day yesterday. It sounds like you had a really good time with your new friend. And we know you hit the lottery with having the BEST Mum and Dad on this planet! I absolutely love hearing about your adventures. I have two little Dachshund fur babies and one is 15 years old and the other is about 6. They were both rescue babies. The older one, Isabelle, is so sweet and calm and nothing phases her. The younger one, Angel Baby, is precious and sweet, but barks at everything and everyone. Having company can become problematic at times. From what we were told, she had a very rough start. We are her fourth "forever" home. And I can assure you, we will be her last. Thank you Ruby for making my day and may I also say how quite Beautiful you are! Big Hugs.

  11. Hello Ruby ,
    My you are sooo adorable i am so pleased you are loving your new home ,you are very lucky to have a Mummy and daddy who love you lots.
    You and your friend Dougal had lots of fun racing about tis no wonder you got so tired , i don't know if you should have dug that hole in Vickies lawn and then tramped mud into the kitchen though but { just keep fluttering your eye lashes when you get shouted at ,and you may be forgiven i am sure }.
    Keep practising with your barks and growls and they will get louder and stronger , you will be able to warn Mummy when someone is coming to the door and keep her safe .
    Enjoy your walk on the lead ,you will get used to it in time .
    Take care Ruby have fun and we will talk again soon.
    Elaine H X

  12. This is the best and the cutest story I have ever read. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Oh my Christina, Ruby is just gorgeous and love the antics she and Dougal have been up too. Thanks for sharing.
    Linda xxx

  14. Thank you Ruby for keeping us updated on your new mom, home and new friend. Keep it coming.

  15. Ruby found a great home. Thank you for the update.

  16. Hi Christina takes me back to when our dog was 1 when
    we got him he had a fettish for leather especially my
    bags. Mavis L x

  17. OMG the little guy is so adorable.....thanks for sharing his exploits......keep us posted on Rudy's learning how to go on a leash......thanks Christina

  18. Hello Ruby - I so enjoyed your post today and reading about your adventures. Dougal is going to be a good friend and since he's bigger than you, he can be uour big brother. A girl needs a big brother! You are an adorable puppy with excellent language skills for eleven weeks. Keep learning new things everyday. Your Mommy and Daddy's love is going to grow and grow. I hope you enjoy your walk. BE sure to take a long nap when you return home. Oh!...chewing is such fun but a friendly reminder. NOT chew up Christina's shoes!

    Until next time, have a wonderful day!
    Your friend, Sandi

  19. Aww, what precious little sweethearts!!

  20. Hi Ruby, It is great to hear of your adventures! You are looking good and it would have been nice to have Dougal to play with. Walking on a lead is no trouble it is so the grown ups can keep you safe from all the traffic!
    Look forward to hear more of your adventures

  21. Gorgeous puppy Christina. Dougal looks lovely too and so much fun for them to have each other to play with. Wouldn't be without my dog whose 11 now as he gives us so much pleasure (except when he's eaten anything he finds lying around, socks and shoes his favourites!) xx

  22. Ruby is adorable, that first photo is so cute....quite a handful I can imagine, as she goes out to learn new things, but what a bundle to love!! .Luv Ursula xx

  23. lovely story thanks Ruby, made my day

  24. so adorable, good he made a friend

  25. Awwww. That was such a cool story So cute Christina

  26. OH Christina that was lovely ,she is gorgeous .
    Marion H

  27. Thanks for sharing your fun day with us Ruby. My little Libby would sure love to be one of your friends, but I think you have too much puppy energy for her. Hope to see more pictures soon!

  28. Ruby, you're adorable. And so is Dougal. You are so lucky and so are your Mom and Dad, and of course, Dougal.
    Have marvellous days, all of your life.


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