November 13, 2016

Ruby Update ...

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would pop in to tell you about my latest adventures in the big wide world

This is a new toy that my mum bought for me and it has lots of treats in it for me to sniff out.

 She said it would keep me quiet for ages ... but she was wrong ... I can clear all the treats from it in half an hour!!

Can you see my pink basket with all my toys in it?  I like to throw all the toys out and sit in it. It's just big enough for me and I can chew the handle while I am in there.

I also like to help my mum in her craft room and I get things out for her to play with coz I am really helpful !!

A new game I have discovered this week is to jump onto the drop down door of something my mum calls a dishwasher.

It's really good fun and as I hear the door opening I race across the kitchen floor  and launch my self on to it

Then on Tuesday my friend Dougal came to play and I stood on the top of the foot stool and that made me bigger than him so I barked and growled twice as much

We played till we where tired and then we both fell asleep on the rug until Dougals mum came to take him home

Bye for now ...


  1. Hi Ruby Thanks for your update, you seem to have settled in very well and found lots of fun things to do, I'm sure Mum just loves your help in her craft room
    Make sure you hop out before someone shuts the dishwasher, you are not dirty enough to need a big wash in there!!!!!!, bye for now, Kaye

  2. Hello Miss Ruby! I'm really enjoying your adventures as you discover more of the world around you. I can imagine you running for the dishwasher door when you hear it open. I suspect that your Mum laughs each time you do it even though she tries to pretend what're your doing is supposed to be a bad thing. I think you're a pretty smart puppy since you seem to learn things quickly. Figuring out those treat toys at such a young age is pretty smart. I'm glad Dougal came to visit again. Having a friend is important and it looks like Dougal likes you even if you bark at him. I'm happy you're limiting your chewing to your toys and basket. Your Mum might get a wee bit upset if you chew up any of her craft supplies but if that happens and you just can't resist, make sure you roll over and look at her with your big eyes. She won't stay upset for long cause everyone knows puppies have to chew. Try to be careful but I understand that sometimes the need to chew on the nearest thing is too much resist. I hope your house training is going well. That always makes the folKS happy when you get that down.

    Have fun week, Ruby and be sure to update with more pictures. You're just so cute!

    Bye for now...
    Your friend, Sandi

  3. Morning Christina, great pictures and I bet a lot of fun was by all.
    Nancyd xx

  4. Awwwww, I love the way you write these posts Christina :D it sounds like ruby is a little pickle :D Christine xxx

  5. I love Ruby's posts. I hope that she sends them regularly.
    Have a great day together. love Rita

  6. Lovely to hear about your adventures Ruby. How clever sitting on the foot stool to look taller than Dougal!


  7. I agree i love the way you write them.
    she is gorgeous and looks like you will have watch
    your craft stuff.
    Marion H

  8. Hi Ruby and Dougal sounds like you have lots of fun and Ruby you are definatly keeping your mummy on her toes. Love these little stories Christina xx

  9. They are both adorable Christina, I bet you have so much fun with them, love your updates. Love Anne Owens xx

  10. Morning Christina,
    She's so cute.

  11. Oh Christina. How adorable. Thank you for showing these cute photos. It's really made my day.
    Love Val in Spain xxx

  12. Hi Ruby , my you are so clever ,i hope Mum is going to Scrapbook all your adventures ?
    You have some lovely toys to play with and i do agree with you that baskets are much better to play in when empty .
    Do be careful of Mums crafty stuff though , you have not heard of Christmas yet but we have a big tree all decorated and sparkly and if you tip Mums sparkly glitter all over you well, you could end up sitting on top of the tree . haha
    however if you should upset or chew any stuff and get shouted at just keep fluttering those long lashes .
    So pleased you had fun with Dougal , no wonder you were both tired, and i bet Mum was too.
    Take care until next time .
    Elaine H X

  13. So cute Christina and very entertaining! Loved reading the update

    June x

  14. Hi Ruby
    Glad you're enjoying this big wide world. Try not to chew too much even though I know you have to. It's lovely to hear about your new adventures. Be a good girl and will look forward to hearing about some more antics doon
    Big cuddles
    Jenny C xxx

  15. Well Good Morning Miss Ruby :) Thank you soooooooo much for the beautiful pictures and the lovely update on your adventures. You put a well-needed smile on my face this morning. I hope we continue to have Sundays with Ruby time. I can't wait to see what you will discover next! You are simply Adorable! See you soon! Big Hugs.

  16. Ruby- you're a star - and such a lucky puppy to have your mum and Dougal to help you have fun and give you lots of love. I bet they cant imagine not having you in their lives. xxxx

  17. Afternoon Ruby, it sure likes you are spoilt and mummy loves you lots. How fabulous you get to help her in her craft room too. Aw how nice that Dougal came to play too.
    Big Hugs
    Linda xxx

  18. A puppy is a puppy is a puppy.
    She is adorable and a handful.
    I am not surprised how much she wants to help you in your craft room:-) So much to explore and play with not to mention chooing!
    Glad you are enjoying Ruby's company.
    Thank You for the update

  19. Hilarious....oh, what puppies can get into......a joy to read some good things in life ....thanks for sharing. You and Ruby have a wonderful day!

  20. Love the Ruby stories. Keep them coming.

  21. Hi Christina. Lovely pictures it does not seem 5 minutes ago
    sine our dog was little ( and chewing especially leather
    bags, If you buy a red kong that you put treats inside
    and fill it with peanut butter and break some treats up inside and freeze it will keep her quiet for a good while especially if you are going out. Mavis L x

    1. Excellent tip thanks very much ... Supermarket here I come for peanut butter ... Already got the Kong Cxx

    2. Yes, Kongs are wonderful. One of our dogs liked ice. The coldness wherever it come from heps with the teething. Be careful to keep anything leather away from Ruby or she will learn to chew leather items around the house.

  22. This is so funny and cute. It really made my day......I sure love seeing pictures of dogs at play.

  23. Beautiful puppy Christina. Ruby is having so much fun as puppies should. Xx

  24. Aww, Ruby had a play date. They are both adorable and I really love to read the updates from her. She is so cute and I love her paws and legs..they look so fluffy.

  25. I am enjoying the Ruby stories, looks like you are having fun with her.Can't believe she likes to stand on the dishwasher door.Its nice she has Dougal to play with.

  26. I love hearing about Ruby. At times I shudder, especially when she helps you with your craft stash. I can just imagine ink, glue and paper everywhere but hopefully those sharp little teeth haven't caused too much damage.

  27. Oh how lovely to hear how Ruby is getting along....luv Ursula xx

  28. Ruby will surely help you clean those dishes for you. Yes we have a red kong as well works wonderful, amazing how dogs love their peanut butter. Never thought of freezing it though. Love your stories and pictures.

  29. Dear Ruby,
    What a great update! You know you are such a cutie! I hope you are learning to help mum put our toys back in your basket. Once I read about a dog that knew all his toy's names and would fetch them when told. Interesting isn't it! Sounds like you are getting lots of friends and play time...socialization is very important. If you are good at it you will get to go so many more places with your mum. You know your mum is very creative and a star on the internet! you didn't? Ask her how many people like and follow her. Not follow her around everywhere like you, but they do like her craft room just like you! When my dog, Cherokee Rose was smaller she liked to jump onto the dishwasher and lick everything she could. Eventually she got too big to do that anymore. She's 42 pounds now and 14 years old. Well Ruby, I'm looking forward to more updates as you grow and play! You and mum have a good day!

  30. Certainly cute thanks for sharing Ruby's story

  31. I love Ruby's story, she would make a great pal for my little Yorkie, Roxie. She is such a joy to me!


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