September 27, 2018

Win A Workshop .... with me !!

Hi Everybody,

I am so excited to bring you the video here as it is offering eight of you the chance to win a work shop with me at the Craft Stash Headquarters in Stockport.  We will have some fun and make some really pretty things and decorate them to your hearts content. The video will give you details of how to enter

The entry form is in the description box under the video on YouTube but in case you can't watch it there I am adding it here as well. Good Luck to everyone and I will meet eight of you on the 17th October 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Christina,
    The chance to win a workshop with you is like a Christmas gift. Unfortunately I live so far away so ... Good luck all and have fun.

  2. Ah Come on Christene you have gotta come to ireland!!!! so wish i could be at your workshop but just not possable.Good luck with it. Sheila

  3. Oh Christina I would love to do a workshop with you, but alas, I live right down near Bournemouth, too far I am afraid, but I envy those who do it....thank you so much...luv Ursula xx

  4. Hi Christina. I also live too far away to enter but good luck to all the lucky winners.

  5. OH! how I would like to enter, SO VERY MUCH, but a new kitchen is being fitted. I hope I'll be able to have another chance in the future. Thanks for the chance.

  6. Sorry I cant enter but have a fab. day with all the lucky winners xx

  7. I'd love to be a part of a workshop with you but living in the US makes it impractical. How about a video class? I know I would take part. Good luck everyone!

  8. Sounds brilliant Christina but it would be too far for me. It would entail 3 days. Shame.

  9. Oh how I would have loved to win and work with you but I'm afraid your blogs will have to do for me since the US is a bit far from the UK. Keep up the beautiful work and keep sharing. We across the sea enjoy your posts.


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