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October 06, 2021

Charity Shop Cards

Hi Everybody,

Over the weekend I have been busy packing up all these cards to take to the charity shop. And this is just  portion of those that I have.

I have added an envelope to each card and put it into a cellophane envelope to keep it clean. I have tried to match the envelope colour to blend with the card wherever I could.

I now have a large box partly filled and once it is full I will take it to the shop for them to sell and raise money for their charity.

This is an excellent way for me to help others and support the charities I like at the same time. I make lots of cards in the course of a month and so my box fills up quite quickly. I took over 200 cards to the RSPCA last month and they are always happy to get them, and I feel good too

What do you do with all the cards you can't use? 

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx



  1. This is a really great idea but unfortunately I've found that not all charity shops are willing to accept or sell hand made cards. I guess it is because many charities actually sell their own mass produced printed cards in their shops. Shame though!!

  2. Great idea, I think we all make random cards just to try different techniques, etc and land up with loads. I have supported charities for years with a lot of mine, mostly cancer charities...well done to you Christina, I guess you do have loads...keep up the good work.....luv Ursula xxx

  3. I make cards for Design Teams that I'm on and will send off in card swaps and donate to the Send a Senior a Smile Program here in the States. I also keep my stash supplied along with sending holiday cards to the Military.

  4. What a wonderful thing you are doing to give cards to help raise money for charity. It’s a very generous thing to do. Blessings!

    Sandra Smith
    Queen Creek

  5. Hi Christina. A wonderful selection of cards for your charities. My family help themselves to a few but I also give some to local charities as I make too many for my own needs. X
    Betty McAlister

  6. I intend to take my cards to our local opportunity shop which is run by the Anglican Church. We are in lockdown at the moment but everything will be opened again soon..Gloria Lamb

  7. My sister is heavily involved in Cancer Voices SA (an advocacy group for cancer patients and carers in South Australia). As part of her involvement, she leads social walking groups on Tuesdays and Fridays, and cycles with another group on Sunday mornings. Many of the people in these groups have discovered that I make cards, and she now keeps a box of them for them to search through. I re-stock the box ever few months.
    This is a win-win-win situation. I get the fun and mental health benefit of making the cards, and the satisfaction of knowing that people want and like them. The people who buy them get to choose the (reasonably priced) handmade cards that they want (and can request a particular theme or style in some situations). Cancer Voices SA get to keep any money that is made from the sales.
    Yay for cardmaking!, and thank you for the ideas, techniques and advice you provide.
    Marie Q

  8. Christine that is a wonderful idea and I am sure the Charity is delighted with the amazing quality of your cards. One day when I am not preparing card kits for the 'darling oldies' for their card making craft lesson, that is what I will turn my hands to
    Kind regards Ethne

  9. Your cards are beautiful Christina, I’m sure the cards sell very quickly. I don’t make enough to donate I tend to just make them as and when needed. Love Anne Owens xxx

  10. Love your blog Christina, it keeps all of us up to date with our cardmaking - so many good ideas from yourself and your fans. Thanks for reality. Diana Lawton xxx

  11. It's lovely gesture Christina, I sure they grateful for your kindness. Mine use to go to the Australian Troops overseas, since they have now all returned They now go to our Local Blue Csre office run by the Anglican Church to give to the people that require assistance and all to a Group that does boxes for our drought effected Farmers

  12. Yes a really good idea, I have done this and was even in the local paper! I once heard ladies discussing a craft magazine readers cards saying how basic they where, I asked them had you ever sent any in? It's such a buzz when you see your card in print, I encourage anyone to do, you might even win a prize, just remember magazines tend to work 3 months ahead.


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