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October 09, 2021


 Hi Everybody 

Another weekend is here again and I hope you have some good things planned. There is another display in the Firework competition tonight and Vickie and I have made arrangements to go down and watch.We will be taking Isabella with us, and of course Ruby and Dougal. This time we are going to go down by tram as the parking was really difficult last time. We are hoping it won’t rain when we go down and at the moment it’s not too cold. Hi 

I have done the draw for yesterday’s offering and the name this week is 

Denise Ann Stocks

Would you email me with your postal address please to

and I will get it in the post to you straight away. Please let me know that you have it safely and I really hope you will enjoy playing with it.

More tomorrow …

Hugs xx


  1. Have a lovely time at the fireworks Christina, well done Denise you will be able to make some beautiful cards with your gift. Love Anne Owens xxx

  2. Congratulations, Denise Stocks!
    Christina, I hope you and your family had a fun, dry evening.
    Sherry Hay


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