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October 30, 2021


Hi Everybody,

Good morning on this wet and windy start to the weekend. It is pouring down here and so there is no chance to go walking with Ruby until it stops. We went to Stanley Park yesterday and the heavens opened when we where coming out of the park and both Ruby and I got absolutely soaked.

On the way home she sat in the back of the card and looked thoroughly miserable and ripping But she perked up once she had been bathed and dried with the hairdryer. She loves the hairdryer and thinks it is a big joke. Then after she had her chicken lunch she went to sleep in her favourite place on the back of the chair,  in front of the window.,

For now I have done the draw and the name this week is 

Doris Shawcross

Please can you email me your postal address to 
and I will get it in the post to your straight away.

I hope you get to make many cards for Christmas and it is not that far away now.
Only a matter of weeks and it will be here. 
Please let me know that you have it ok.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Congratulations Doris. Have fun. Have a drier week Christina.

  2. Well done Doris, ah Ruby is great company Christina, although it’s not nice when you both get soaked bet she loved having her warm Bath Anne Owens xxx

  3. Congratulations, Doris Shawcross.
    Christina, I hope you recovered the soaking as quickly as Ruby did. It's funny that she likes the hair
    dryer. I always thought dogs would be scared to death of being dried like that.
    Stay dry......Sherry Hay

  4. Congratulations, Doris.
    Christina, hope you and Ruby will have a better week, without rain and wind.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  5. Thank you everyone, I can't tell you how pleased I am x


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