December 20, 2013

A2 Cards ...

Hi Everybody,

Yesterday someone sent me a plea to make some videos with cards in a smaller size ... namely A2 as she had bought this size Spellbinders and was not very happy about it.

Please don't be despondent about your purchase  Fizz as there is so much you can do with this size die and hope fully I can give you some ideas.

I also had emails from several  other people this week with the same request.

So I am going to do some tutorials to show you what you can achieve with the smaller dies.

Fizz  you also asked me about sizes and weights and so this video will explain some of the basics ... because as a new card maker it can be confusing.

Both of the cards on todays post are also using the Matting Basics A and B sets in the A2 size.    Just because the card is small doesn't mean it can't be dressed up as the larger ones.

The list at the bottom of the page will show you what some of the other A2 Card Creator dies look like ... and these are the ones I will be using in the next few videos.

I am   NOT  for one minute suggesting that you go and buy all these dies ... only that I will be giving some ideas with them

The videos will be with you soon and I hope they will help.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Beautiful cards Christina and I have often wondered what to do with the smaller dies that I "had" to have! Did you ever make a video on adding charms to your cards by the way? x

  2. Morning Christina,
    Lovely cards, I think my vote would go the the second one. Will come back later to watch the video.

  3. Lovely card Christina. I,m lost now, I thought A2 was agiant size, A5 being big then A6 going smaller.xx

  4. Lovely cards Christina - I have a lot of the smaller dies so thank you very much for the videos. Pat x

  5. Such a useful video for new crafters Christina xXx

  6. Thank you Christina, ive already watched the video before ;-) i think whats confusing me as a beginner is what size base card to start with and how to know what size to use for each project, i know that an A4 in half is the easiest but people rarely use it, it looks like you use 5x7 or above, since ive found you ive spent a fortune on supplies, ive got most of it now, im even getting a grand caliber for Christmas, i already had a cuttlebug and didnt realize that you could get A4 die cutters lol.
    Christina i watch your videos and blog every single day and ive already learnt so much, its now a case of putting everything into practise

    looking forward to seeing the A2 videos it is going to help so much x

  7. Absolutely beautiful cards Christina, love them both.
    Off to watch the Video. Just have to thank you for all you have done for us in 2013
    I have got lots inspiration plus "hints & tips" I really appreciate that.
    Keep up the fantastic work you do, I for one want and need it.
    Wishing you and yours aWonderful Christmas and a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2014

    Patricia xxx

  8. Many thanks Christina, a very useful video. I especially was pleased to learn that the folded base card has a bit of an overlap. I didn't realise that was the norm. Now I won't be trying to fold the card exactly in half.

  9. I just wanted to let you know that I think all the cards you make are beautiful. I get your blog in my email and because of your blog's name, I am always looking to see if you used flowers, ribbons and pearls on your cards!

  10. I am so glad you are producing A2 size videos. I make all my cards A2 size, but sometimes have trouble utilizing your ideas into a smaller version. I can't wait to see your beautiful creations, thank you.

  11. Hi Christina, both great cards. It's great to revisit our "old dies" they all work so well together but tend to get forgotten when so many new ones become our "favourite". Just like to say thanks for all your inspiration and keep it coming in the new year. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  12. I found this kind of funny, as the smaller cards are the most commonly size made on this side of the Atlantic. It seems most people including myself,use letter sized (8.5x11 inches)cut in half to make two cards at 4.25x5.5 inches. The biggest cards I've seen are 5x7 inches, but I prefer A6 (4.5x6.25 inches) for a large card. Square cards are most often no larger than 6x6. I'm always surprised when I hear you give the sizes on your videos (which are wonderful), as I usually assume that your cards are the same sizes as all the ones here in Canada and the US. I don't even own any of the really large Spellbinders, the A2 sizes fit nicely in envelopes and it's just as easy to layer one size as another. I love the card using the Floral Ribbon Threader, but then again, I love all your cards!


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