September 22, 2019

Ruby - how she has grown ...

Hi Everyone,

It's me Ruby and I haven't been to talk to you all for a little while but a lot has happened in my life in the past year. 

I was born on the 17th August 2016 and this is me at nine weeks old ... now you must admit that I am rather cute and my dad decided to call me Ruby.

I have been so happy here and grown up into a really rather special dog. Well my mum tells me that I am.

I have a very special friend too called Dougal and he is only two weeks older than me and he is a Cockapoo.

We love playing together and we spend al lot of time with each other. He is bigger than me BUT I am the boss and he always lets me win whatever we do. 

Well nearly always !!

This is me in my new jacket getting ready to go for my first walk, after having all my injections. 

I was only 12 weeks old here and so excited to be going out into the big wide world.

There are a lot of scary things out there, but my mum and dad took care of me and I really enjoyed myself.

Now as I am older I love going for walks. and I sit and stare at my mum to make her feel guilty, so that she takes me out 

This is Dougal and me all dressed up and ready for our very first Christmas. I have wings on but you cant' see them in this photo.

Then after that came our fist birthday and we had doggy cake between us.It was lovely and we ate it all. 

I love Dougal and he is such good fun to be with whenever we go out. 

And each week we both go to Doggy Day Care and we love our "Aunty"  Sally who takes care of us while our mums are working.

Now this is me at One Year Old and haven't I grown up into a beautiful puppy.

This is the look I give my mum that makes her feel guilty to take me out. It never fails and she always gives in ... even if it's raining a little.

I haven't seen snow yet but I would like to, and then I can run around and roll in it and see how it feels.

So maybe this winter we will get a little bit and then I can tell you how it feels to me. 

This is Dougal and I at two years old. Isn't he such a handsome boy

We both go to the groomers regularly to have a bath and a haircut that keep us neat and tidy 

I like having a bath and I love going swimming and will take that chance whenever I can.
And that brings us up to present day, Here I am just turned three years old on the 17th August and I look so pretty.

I have lots of fun with my family and Dougal and I went on the walk up Snowdon with them all last weekend.

Today I am going for my first lesson at agility training, and that will be another adventure that I can share with you later.

My mum will have to run around with me as I am taught what to do. But when I went for trial run it was lovely and I enjoyed it very much.

I was tired and hungry when we had finished but I can't wait to go again

I will be back to tell you all about it 

See you soon

Love Ruby xxx


  1. Hi double nice to see you your mum and dad were right you have grown into a very special boy
    Nice to have a good friend to walk and play with a bd aunts to look after you both while you mums work take care Dudley sends his love xxxxxxxjune Horrocks

  2. Oh my … so adorable, especially the pic of the two of them and Dougal wearing a tie !! Ruby is such a pretty girl and she and Dougal make a wonderful pair. "Happiness is a warm puppy". Thank you for taking the time to post such lovely pix.

  3. So good to catch up with you again Ruby, you certainly have been a great companion for your Mum, long may it sound like a real lively girl with your friend Dougal....luv Ursula xx

  4. Good Morning Miss Ruby :) What a lovely post this morning. My, you have grown into such a beautiful young lady. I love all the photos your Mum shared. For being just three years old, you've really been able to enjoy lots of little adventures haven't you. I've seen the Agility shows on TV and they are such fun. They can be choreographed so beautifully that everyone looks so elegant and graceful. I can't wait to hear more about how well you like this challenge. Happy Belated Birthday Little One. Thank you so much for sharing this post today. Wishing You and Mum a wonderful day. Big Hugs. xo

  5. Ruby you are gorgeous but please be easy on mam when she takes you to Agility Training, she's not as young as you!!!
    Maureen x

  6. Hi Ruby its so lovely to hear about your life so far you really are so beautiful and I bet your such wonderful company for your Mum.
    It's been lovley to hear from you take good care of your Mum.
    Love Sue xd

  7. Well it just lovely to hear from you again Ruby and to hear that you and Dougal are still such good friends. I can hardly believe that you are three years old and I've been following you since you first appeared on your Mum's blog. You are a beautiful girl and very special, thank you for sharing your lovely photos, Kate x

  8. Hi Ruby, it's lovely to hear from you again and to see such beautiful photos of you growing up.You would have had a lot of fun if you ever met my sisters puppies, they are Finish Lapdogs and just adorable but living in Sweden maybe a bit too far.
    Not sure if you helped mamma to choose who the winner was for Friday's prize but you can tell her that I am a very happy to be the one picked so thank you once again so much. Wishing you and Dougal a lot of fun and sending lots of cuddles x

  9. This is so cute. She has really grown and it is great that she has a special friend to play with. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. wow, I have a hard time thinking that he is 3 already! very cute as a pup and handsome now. have fun with agility … don't wear your mum out.

  11. Yes, Ruby, you and Dougal are pretty cute.
    Rene from OZ x

  12. Thank you for this cute story Ruby. I passed it on to my daughter and granddaughter as they love dogs so much and a new puppy just moved in yesterday with our granddaughter. Keep your updates coming. Edna

  13. I can remember when Ruby joined your family. So pleased to see her now - a very happy dog to have you as her Mum. Thanks for sharing. Diana Lawton xxx

  14. Ruby, you and your best bud Dougal are absolutely adorable. With those eyes I imagine you always get your way..I mean, who could resist that look. Good luck to you and your mum with your agility training.
    A not so secret admirer....Sherry Hay

  15. She has grown into a lovely dog :) I just love the look she gives when she wants to go for a walk :)

  16. Hello Ruby
    Nice to hear from you again and you certainly have grown into a lovely little girl. Your mum is so proud of you and rightly so. Good luck in your new venture when doing agility classes. Hope to hear from you again soon.
    Hugs and cuddles
    Jenny C and Barney xxx

  17. Hello Ruby how you have grown,you was a beautiful baby girl,& now
    All grown up but your still very beautiful. I'm pleased you have a lovely friend
    To play with Dougle he is very handsome. I hope you enjoy your agility classes.
    but don't where your mum out. Hope you let us know how you get on.
    I always send you cuddle's when I comment to your mum.
    Lots of cuddle's Ruby 🐾 & love to your mum xx💕


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