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June 27, 2021

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Hi Everybody,

Over the past week I have been busy altering some vidoes that were done in 2015. 

The reason being YouTube have changed the way they do things and it would mean losing all this work if I didn't do something about it. 

I have added a new page to my website 
Card Making Magic
that will explain fully what has happened and what I have done about it and you will find the page here ...

Die Cutting

As I explained on that page these videos were originally made as classes that were sold on the website. 

As such they were UNLISTED and PASSWORD PROTECTED and not on public view.

 But as YouTube has changed the rules on unlisted videos I had to do something else with them.
Publishers had several choices - allow YouTube to make them private, which means no one would see them - take them off YouTube, and again no one would see them, or make them public

 I thought they were too  good to let disappear for ever, as many of the tips in them can be applied to any number of dies from any number of brands and they are still relevant today in 2021. 
So my choice was to make them all public for any one to view.

I have watched every one of them again, and had a little tear in my eye, as they were all filmed and edited by Griff. That was in the days when he would stand on a ladder and film over my shoulder and pull my hair if my head got in the way. 

We had many a good laugh doing those videos... and many a good argument too.

Anyway I have renamed all the videos  and I have moved them all to one playlist, so they can be identified and enjoyed,  they are all there now for you to view. 

There are fourteen videos altogether, with as many cards ideas shown in them.
 And even if I do say so myself the cards are lovely and well worth having a go at. 

They originally covered five separate classes and most have three videos in each section, so here are the links to all of them, and if you watch them in order as they are linked,  you will start with cards 123 and end up with cards 12, 13, and 14

 I hope you will enjoy seeing these vidoes and the cards that are made in them 

Spellbinders 123       (Cards 1/2/3)
Spellbinders Extra    (Cards 4/5/6)
Combining Dies   (Cards 7/8)
Floral Cards       (Cards 9/10/11)
Background Dies    (Cards 12/13/14)

The YouTube Playlist is here Spellbinders Tuition


  1. I’ve been enjoying watching your Spellbinders videos, thanks for sharing them.
    Congrats to the winner.


  2. Thank you Christina for explaining this to us....enjoy the rest of the weekend


  3. Thank you for making them public.All beautiful cards. Enjoy happy memories Christina.Gruff would be so proud of your success xx

  4. Thank you for opening up those videos.
    The card is beautiful.

  5. thank you for making them so we can all enjoy them. it tickled me when you had fun and arguments while doing them. that sounds like my house. i will be sure to watch these as i always gain a tip or two from you. you have such an artistic flair.
    thanks again. c

  6. I love all these videos Christina, and I remember Griff always doing the recordings for you, did Griff used to make the little wooden bow makers, I have one of these please accept my apologies if it was not him, but it had the bow maker and the written instructions how to use it, I don’t know why I think it was him, again please accept my apologies if it was not him. Love Anne Owens xxx

    1. Yes Anne it was Griff that used to make the bow makers for me and they went all over the world. He also used to make the blending tools too. Cxx

  7. Thanks for sharing your videos, Christina. I will watch them later this evening. I understand what you mean about how some things can bring back such unexpected memories of times with our spouses. I know Griff must've been a wonderful man.
    Sherry Hay

  8. I have watched and re-watched your older videos many. many times. I have learned so much. I learned how to make beautiful cards because of your videos. Thank you, Thank you for giving us these. I cannot wait to sit down and have a wonderful Christina Griffith video fest. Thanks again. I would be a terrible thing to loose these.

  9. Oh I bet that did bring back many memories of your time creating with Griff, glad these videos can be saved and not be taken away

  10. Thank you for your hard work. I discovered you when Griff filmed. What a great legacy to his and your hard work for all of us to enjoy. Arlene


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