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June 21, 2021

Pretty in Pink

Hi Everybody,

Todays card is one I made many moons ago and I have just found it in some old stash that I found in my craft room. 

It is amazing what you find when you are rummaging around.

I quite liked this card when it was made and the little flowers just finish it off..

 I can't remember what they are from but the card was made in 2016 so it's understandable

The gingham background is some card that I bought at a craft show and I haven't been to one of those since Griff died.

It is good to look back on cards that you made years ago if only to see how your style has evolved over that time, and hopefully improved as you have learned different techniques

Do you ever look back at older stuff you made and if you do how does it make you feel.?? I would completely dis own some of the cards  I made when I first started.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Christina
    Such a pretty card and in your favourite pink which makes it all the better. When I look at some of the cards I made, even though at the time I was quite proud of them, I wouldn't give them house room now so to speak 😂😂😂 but having said that it's all about learning as you go along. Take care
    Hugs and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  2. So pretty. Its amazing how everything has developed over the years I started card making when I retired in 2002. My first ever was printed from a disc onto A4 PAPER! Folded into 4 and sent with pride to my sister who thought I was Marvellous LOL. No Dies or stamps then as far as I remember. Thanks to you I have now improved. My craft room (converted garage) overflows with all the "must have" stuff !! xxx

  3. Such a pretty card Christina. Karen Holmes

  4. I have cards like that too Christina, good to go back on them and see how you have moved on, at the time is was perfect in your this one...luv Ursula xx

  5. Hello again - just thought I'd pop back over to let you know that there is not a comment box on the Cardmaking Magic Blog. I didn't see one yesterday and thought it might just be our internet or something funky happening yesterday, but there's not one again today so I thought I'd let you know.

  6. I love the papers you find and wish you would come out with a line of designs for your card stock. I, too, have found 'old cards' from when I began making cards and none of them look as good as this one. I look at them and say to myself" "What was I thinking?" crooked edges; mismatch in so many ways. Thankfully, or maybe delusion ally (is that a word?) I think I have evolved thanks to your tutorials and your dies. Hope you had a fabulous weekend and that all is well in yours and Ruby's world. Kathy O.

  7. An apt title "pretty in Pink", so it is. Thanks Christina, keep safe Diana Lawton xxx

  8. Hi Christina. It may be a card from your past but it’s still a beautiful one. Certainly one to take credit for xx

  9. Hi Christina, very pretty cards, even if they were made many years ago, love Rose Lillian Smith from Papakura, New ZEALAND

  10. What a lovely card, so pretty.


  11. Love this card Christina, love the gingham you have used on it. Hope you and Ruby are well. Love Anne Owens

  12. Christina your card is so pretty...your beautiful flowers look lovely against the gingham background


  13. I can definitely relate to looking at things I created in the past and thinking how glad I am that I never gave that card to anyone! lol! This card is lovely though and pink is my favorite color. I’ve been following your work for a very long time. I had discovered Spellbinders dies and you frequently shared tutorials using their dies. I can’t tell you how inspired I was watching your videos while learning to use the dies you were using and I was purchasing. I’ve learned a lot from you and thank you for the inspiration.

    Sandra Smith
    Queen Creek

  14. I give away all the cards that I make but I do take pictures and file them on my computer so I don't use the same stuff on a card for someone and I can see a big difference from when I started, your card is just gorgeous!

  15. Pam Mckenzie - A beautiful card Christina and like most of us I like to think I have progressed since I first started years ago it seems, thanks to your inspirational videos and tutorials I can feel confident making cards.xx Pam Mckenzie, Spain


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