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June 20, 2021

Rose Decorative Corner

Hi Everybody,

This very simple card was created with the Rose Decorative Corner that was introduced a short time ago. 

I have used some of the paper that I have had for a long time ... in  fact I think I brought this back from Phoenix with me when I went over there as a Spellbinders Ambassador. Many moons ago !!

I have added the filigree die to the patterned paper and cut it out and this piece stays in the card unless you add the outer frame to it 

It has been added to the top of some Rose Gold  metallic card, with foam tape in strategic areas, and that gives a very subtle shadow to the effect.

The other flowers from the pack have been cut with black card and added to the front, but rather than paper piece the drops outs back in, I have simply coloured the spaces with a black pen.

It gives a very dramatic look to the card and the black glossy sentiment finishes it off. There is no other embellishment to this 5x7 top folded card. 

x Thank You x

A few days ago I sent out a newsletter from Card Making Magic, and I haven't done one of those for a long time. I thought it was only right that I explain my long absence to my readers of what has been happening to me over the past year.

I asked my readers there, as well as on here to add their email addresses again to the new  box I have added if they wished to keep on following my posts.

I can tell you that the response has been over whelming and I have had some wonderful emails from all over the world from my lovely readers saying how they have missed me and that they do wish to stay with me in the future.

THANK YOU so much to everybody who has now re signed their email addresses and I promise i will be more regular with newsletters and blog posts both here on this blog and on Card Making Magic.

The Biggest of Hugs  


  1. Greta card today, I missed you asking about the newsletter. I’m definitely interested.


  2. So glad you are back. Nice simple elegant card.

  3. Definitely very dramatic card today. Pleased that you have had a massive amount of response to your "Follow me" system but certainly not surprised! You deserve all the praise. xxx

  4. Oh I am not shocked that you have loyal followers. You are so incredibly talented and your designs are so elegant and with your help easy to attain for folks like me who fumble through the creative world process. Take care dear Christina and can't wait to see what you teach us next!
    Kathy O.

  5. Very effective card, thanks Christina. Diana Lawton xxx

  6. Christina your card may be simple but it is as beautiful as ever, I am one of your loyal followers.I have not sent on comments for a while as I have been in hostpital . PLease take care .
    Maria R xx

  7. Beautiful card Christina thank you for keeping us inspired to carry on cardmaking. Love Anne Owens xxx

  8. I have been following you a very last long time, back to the time when Spellbinders was just about the only company producing intricate dies. Sizzix was really the only other company producing dies but their available dies were much simpler, making Spellbinder dies very unique. I have appreciated you and your blog that helped me use these beautiful dies when there wasn’t a lot of inspiration available. I was just learning back 20 years ago but I learned a lot from your tutorials. Your ideas were innovative and I enjoyed them then and I still enjoy them today.

    My sister lost her husband of 49 years not long before you lost Griff so I have found myself relating to your loss in a way not typical of someone you’ve only met online. I’ve kept you in my prayers.You and my sister are both far too young to have lost your loves. My brother-in-law was someone I had known since I was a teen of 14 years so he was more to me than my sister’s husband to me and my sister and I are very close, with only a year and one day between us. I’m truly sorry you lost Griff. I hope you find peace and comfort in the memories of your life together. It’s hard to explain but If you ever need a friend to talk with, I’m here for you. I hope you continue to find your way through this new life you never expected to have and I look forward to more tutorials and new products from your line. I truly love that your collections are meant to work together. This expands the usage of your products and I appreciate that. I wish you continued success and success with the inspiration you share with us. Blessings!

    Sandra Smith
    Queen Creek

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely message Sandra. It was lovely to read and thank you for staying with me for a long time. I enjoyed my time with Spellbinders and I have some fond memories of the trip to Phoenix.
      I have come along way since then but there is no greater thrill than having your own collections and for that I am ever grateful to Practical Publishing for offering me that chance. Cxx


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