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June 08, 2021

Tapis Builder Card & Envelope

 Hi Everybody,

Here is a new video featuring the Tapis Builder Die Set and another way to use them.

I have also created an envelope for the card from the 5x7 Card & Box die set that would be sturdy enough to send through the post if needed.

I apologise for the sound of my voice on the video but I have an awful cough at present that is keeping me awake at nights.

Cough medicines don't seem to make any difference and it is much worse when I lie down. And I cannot for the life of me sleep sitting up. Ruby gets off the bed in disgust when I start coughing as I keep her awake too. 

Any way here is the video and I hope you enjoy it all the same.

I have used some gold card that I got from Craft Stash for the card envelope and the decoration on the card front. The champagne coloured card is from Tonic and it was with a kit that was on sale years ago.

The finished result is very pretty and it could be for any occasion that you needed. And you could always make up a batch of envelopes ready to send whenever you make this flat type of card.

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. The card & envelope look gorgeous. Looking forward to watching your video later.


  2. Gorgeous! Love the colour scheme.

  3. Beautiful. A great video. Hope you feel better soon - you're having a rough time lately. With a bit of luck the better weather will help you. Take care . Love and a hug xx

  4. Very pretty card and envelope Christina, your video is very informative, thank you...Hope you get rid of your cough soon, my husband has the same and I know what Ruby feels like....luv Ursula xx

  5. Hi Christina
    Love the card and envelope and also love the gold card used which makes it really special
    Hugs and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  6. A beautiful card the colours are perfect, I hope you will soon feel a lot better, Thank you for sharing I always look forward to your videos.
    Maria R xxx

  7. Stunning, Christina! May I ask if you Could make something like this for me, as I'm in need of a wedding card, and how much it would cost please?
    Bejay xx

  8. What a beautiful set: the card and envelope. I love the way you have used the tapis pieces and the fact that this set can be used for any occasion.
    Thank you, Christina for the video and for the inspiration.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed the video so I watched it again. Get well soon, thanks Christina. Diana Lawton xxx

  10. Hi Christina
    what a beautiful card just going to watch the video
    Hope you feel better soon
    Take care
    Sharon C xx

  11. I’m sorry you are not feeling good and not sleeping well. I hope you see a doctor if it continues.

    I have to admit that I wasn’t liking the Tapis bits when you were adding them to the card in a random pattern. It seemed odd to me but as you continued to add the other elements, I began to change my mind. When the card was finished I really loved it! In the future, I will wait until a card is finished because you just never know. I learned a valuable lesson about adding layers and how important it is to wait for the finished product.

    Sandra Smith
    Queen Creek

  12. Beautiful card Christina. Wish you a lot better and that your cough calms down asap.
    Maria x

  13. Pam Mckenzie - Beautiful card and envelope set Christina, lovely colour scheme. Get well soon. xx Pam Mckenzie, Spain

  14. This is so elegant and wonderful. Great job!
    Valerija xx

  15. Not only is the card gorgeous but so is that lovely envelope!!


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