May 27, 2012

Back Home ...

Here I am again ... back home, happy and relaxed.

It has been a fabulous break away in Edinburgh and the weather has been so good to us. 

I have white marks around my eyes where my sunglasses have been ... and my nose and cheeks are pink and glowing ...

I look like an owl as my glasses cover most of my eyes area ... stupid woman !!

There is so much to see  and do and I would have been happy to stay for a lot longer .... and still not seen it all.
We walked for miles and miles wih regular breaks for a nice Cappucino.

This is the heel of my shoe  which decided to fall off  after we had walked to the top of  Calton Hill.  So I  had to find a shoe shop and buy some more to carry on with the rest of the day.

We spent hours in Edinburgh Castle and this is the gunner getting ready to fire the Salute over the city.
This ceremony is carried out every day at One-o-clock to mark the exact time and there were hundreds of people there waiting to watch.... and  you are going to love the next photo .....

This puff of smoke was the actual firing of the gun which was so loud that I ... and several others ... jumped a mile
So the smoke cloud is all I got.... but of course my film crew filmed the whole thing !! ... and my watch was two minutes slow too.

Another of our visit was to the Peoples Museum where I spent several minutes queing patiently behind a family group of people waiting to go in .... only to realise that they where manequins and part of the exhibition.

I won't tell you what my film crew said ...

So tomorrow I am going to add some new cards but for the rest of today I and my film crew are going to soak up the rest of the sunshine .... after the Formula One has finished  that is... coz at present he is glued to the telly.

Hugs xx


  1. looks like you had a great time, where was it you went? looks like Malta....

  2. Pics are lovely Christina. Certainly looks good. xxx

  3. Welcome home. I am very happy you had a great time. Your pictures make me want to travel Scotland.

  4. Glad you had a good time Mrs owl, you did make me laugh getting in the mannequin family queue x


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