May 26, 2012

Horse Card

This is the last of the cards with a fun theme and the last day of my holiday and I will be home and posting "live" as usual next time.

I hope you have enjoyed the last few days and there are many more   Novelty Cards   on the website.

This   Horse Card  is made from punched or die cut ovals and is another one that is easy to make.

His eyes and nostrils  have been created from coloured circles and the sentiment is just from the PC.

A little ribbon around the spine and  any extras that you want to add will finish it off as you want.

But because all these cards have been added for children I have kept them reasonably simple and easy to do.

My kids used to love doing things like this when they were little ... but then I had to cut the shapes with scissors  as there was no such thing as die cuts or shaped punches.

Which just goes to show how far crafting has come since those early days.... and it shows my age too .... and computers didn't exist  then either.

Oh my .....

Hugs xx


  1. Hi Christina I hope you have had a lovely holiday x
    I have loved looking at all your fun cards this week this one is brilliant too x

  2. He's well cute & so glad the weather has been kind to you in Edinburgh!! I live in Aberdeen which is 3-4 hr drive further up North & oh boy it's be lovely. Too hot for me though :-(. However I'll be looking forward to your videos again Christina as I have been missing them lol. Safe journey home :-) xx

  3. Hi Christine, your 'animal' cards have been great fun... my husband says he thinks your horse is the one he backed in the 3.30 at Goodwood yesterday - rofl!

  4. Am loving all the "punch art" cards, though you're using die cuts. Very cute.


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