May 06, 2012

Blending Tools

Many of us like to apply Distress Inks to our projects and they can create a very pretty and subtle effect.

But it is something that many of us are afraid to do because we can't get it right and the result is a smudged mess on our cards. 

One of the best ways to apply these inks is with some kind of  Blending Tool  but these can be quite expensive .... especially if like me you are greedy and want one blender for each ink pad .... Yep that's me!

So this is what I did to make my own and the link will take you to the page to show you how to make your own   Blending Tool

You will find all the step by step instructions and then you can have as many as you like.

All I did then was by the foam pads and attach them to the velcro and these can be removed and washed or replaced whenever the need is there.

I store all mine in a large plastic box so that they are always on hand and I have one for every colour ink I use.

And any that I don't use for Inks I utilise by gluing small sentiment stamps to them and store them in the same way.

They are then ready to use whenever I need one quickly. 

Write the sentiment on the handle so that you can see instantly what  it is.

They are so cheap and easy to make and the more you have the more you can use.

It doesn't cost a lot to get them cut and drilled ... or maybe you know some kind person with a saw and a drill that will do them for you.... even cheaper then!

Hope you enjoy making and using your blending tools and get the results that you want.

This card has had the edges of the  sentiment inked with Aged Mahohany while still in the die.

The embossed background has also been lightly inked using these handy little blenders.

Happy Crafting ....

Hugs xx


  1. WOW thanks for that but I still need your hands to do it for me:) mine still makes blotches round the edges :)

    jacqui x

  2. what a clever idea, will have to have a go at making them. Where so you get your sentiments from??

  3. What a fantastic idea - I think I have just found another job for my husband.

  4. I made my own blending tools a good while ago Christine after I'd decided to de-mount my rubber stamps to save space, the wooden blocks were just perfect and some of the smaller ones were the ideal size! I hate waste (as all crafters do) so didn't feel too bad as recycled a lot of wood!!

  5. Great idea Christina, will have to have a go - thanks.
    Suzie xx

  6. such a beautiful card x
    great idea for the blending tools brilliant money saver thank you x

  7. I just got back from your tutorial, I have a reason to take out my tools now.. how funny I was just trying to come up with a way to make my own for each color just the other day, even the cheaper version priced at $6.99 ea!! Faboulous idea.. your card is gorgeous and that ribbon!!!! Love the sentiment too.


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