May 29, 2012

Car Boot buy

In the glorious sunshine over the weekend we went  bargain  hunting at the local Car Boot sale.

Now I know this is not to everybodies taste and most of it is junk .... but whatever the junk is,  to somebody else it could be a treasure.

I was looking in paricular for a  spice jar rack and  we  wandered  around with no luck.

Then  on  the  very last stall there it was ... shouting at me to buy it ..... so I did.

It cost me a couple of  pounds and it needed a really good clean,  but here it is scrubbed up and polished and  already in use.

It is  sitting on my worktop  with all the  little pieces  to be used  whenever I need that little embellishment to  adorn my card.

Another good storage idea ... though not a car boot buy ... is to use up the empty cases that your CD's are bought in.

They have lids and a central post to keep everything together.

This one has had my little paint pots glued to an old CD  and each disc will hold six of the pots.
Then when you are finished painting  just allow them to dry out again and then stack them in the holder,  pop the lid,  which is just visible behind,  back on. 

You will be able to store about four layers in the smaller holders.

This is one of the taller ones and it houses all my glues.

They all sit neatly on the tray and the lid keeps them all safe and clean.

Then when they are getting low I can store them upside down to make sure I get every last drop of the precious glue.

This recylcing is much better than throwing things away ... you just need to look at things in a different way.

Now how many of you have said   "Oh!  I've just thrown one of those away ...."  Tut Tut !!

Hugs xx


  1. Christina is there no end to your talent you come up with amazing ideas x

  2. Clever ideas!!!
    May have to check out a boot sale or two!

  3. Now how many of you have said "Oh! I've just thrown one of those away ...."

    How did you know???? Lol. I do have an old spice rack that has made its way into my craft room but havent filled the jars yet


  4. Wow, these are all fabulous!! I love the spice rack!! What a great idea :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Oh wow! Great ideas, Christina. I would never have thought of those myself.

  6. Brilliant ideas, and what a great way to recycle.
    Sharon xx


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