May 09, 2012

Red Roses

At the begining of March I celebrated a Birthday and on the 12th March Card Making Magic was three years old.

So as a double celebration my husband bought me some red roses.

Griff is the one who does all the filming for the video tutorials that I add and is  affectionately refered to as my Film Crew ....  Aw! Bless....

He came home and told me he had got me some flowers and that they had cost a lot as they are Red Roses but that I was worth every penny..... which of course I am !!

So off he went to get them out of his car.
Now you may be thinking what a sweetie for that beautiful and thoughtful gift .....

but don't get excited girls ...

because THIS is the size they were and Yes that is my thumb that is in the left of the photo.

But I have to tell you that they have adorned many a card that has been made since and were much appreciated even if they are tiny ....

And he took me out for dinner too.

Hugs xx


  1. Nice sense of humour, Christine, and he does a great job with the tutorials too!

    Cathy - Drogheda Ireland

  2. Aaaw sounds like your OH is a real sweetie!

  3. hahahahahahaha!!!!! What a great telling of what happened, thank you for the laugh first thing this morning, sounds like Griff has just as big sense of humor as you do. Love the roses!


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