May 20, 2012

My Film Crew ...

Two posts in one day but I couldn't resist telling you this ...

Yesterday I made another film ... with my trusty crew at the ready with his camera.  We got everything set up  and  along he came to film and he was wearing a baseball cap.

It took us the morning to  get it all done properly and once the filming was done we had a cup of coffee and chatted for a while ... then off  he went to edit.

A little while later he came back and said that he was  extremely dissapointed  with me .... I asked "Why????"

He said that he had done a whole film, had a cup of coffee with me, chatted and he said "You even flicked the rim of the baseball cap ... and not once have you noticed the writing"

So my Film Crew was in a strop and all I could do was laugh and laugh .... this is his new hat ... all embroidered.

He wore it all day and says he is  taking it on holiday with him too.

So I just wanted to share that with you as my film crew is the best in the world   and this is he ....     Drum Roll please !!

May I present to you
Film Crew
Ta Dah!!

I would also like to share with you that my YouTube videos have now passed the three quarter million mark for views, with over 2200 followers ... and I am dancing for joy.

Thank you to everyone who has watched them, (there are 93) commented on them and continue to visit the Website, this Blog and the YouTube channel too. 

You are also the best in the world too.

Please carry on scrolling down for the first of the Novelty cards that I have scheduled to be posted while I am away
Hugs xx


  1. Oh Christina fancy not noticing his hat when he had gone to all that effort lol, how lucky you are to have such a handsome film crew who is so talented x

  2. I agree with you ... except when he snores... but don't tell him he will get big headed XX

  3. Christina, your story made me smile! I am impressed by your husband's dedication and support of your work. Please tell him we like the cap!! Congratulations on reaching (exceeding by now) the 3/4 million viewer mark on youtube. I always look forward to your videos, please keep up the good work. Thanks for blessing us with your talents (film crew included - lest we forget!!)

  4. Great story and one that will be remembered. Thanks for sharing your talents with everyone.


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