May 22, 2012

Car Card...

Do you know someone about to take their driving test?   And are you looking for a card that will bring a smile to their face.?

If you do then it's time to get out those punched shapes again and get to work.

The different sized circles have been cut to make  this   Car Card  and the sentiment can be about any occasion you wish.

How about this for celebrating someones "Milestone" birthday ... you know the ones I mean the ones you would rather forget !!

Choose your recipient carefully though so as not to cause offence ... but I am sure that you will know who will take it in the manner it was intended.

Add some small red, amber and green circles for traffic lights and find a verse for the inside that also suits your intended victim .... er!  recipient.

Hugs xx


  1. 2 brilliant cards they both made me smile the car is fabulous x

  2. These definitely bring a smile Christine and I know a few people who'd appreciate them, especially the 'Over the Hill' - lol!

    Soop (Su)

  3. This is so fun Chirstina! I can't believe it is made from punches:) So it!
    Sherrie K


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