July 08, 2017

Card Winner

Hi Everybody,

What a beautiful day it is here and for the weekend. Tomorrow we are going to Birmingham to see my daughter Graduate with a Masters Degree and I am so proud of her achievements. She has worked really hard and deserves all the good things that come her way.

Ruby and Dougal will be going to stay overnight with Aunty Sally and they will have a lovely time. Ruby will be back tomorrow as she has quite an achievement of her own to share with you all.

So the draw for yesterdays shabby chic card has been done and the name this week is you ...

Donna Okoniewski  

please can you email me with your postal address to
and I will get the card in the post to you straight away.

I am always disappointed when some one does not come forward to claim a card as I know so many others would have loved that pretty Owl Card.  But it will be offered again once the other shabby chic cards have all been given away

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Enjoy your time with your daughter! Looking forward to hearing Ruby''s news too!

  2. OMG!!!.....Thank you Dear Lady!!! Happy Dance,.... Oh Yeah.... Christina You know I just love your cards, but your Shabby Chic cards are beyond measure. I could "live" in those cards they are so beautiful! Thank you so very, very much! My day just got started and I don't see how it can get any better! Congratulations to your Daughter! An awesome achievement! Enjoy your weekend and be safe in your travels. I look forward to hearing from Ruby tomorrow. Big Hugs.

  3. Congratulations Donna on winning that beautiful card.
    Maureen xx

  4. Congratulations Donna, enjoy your beautiful card. Congratulations Christina on your daughters achievement, bet you are sou proud. Enjoy. Love Anne xx

  5. Great to see a regular participant winning your lovely card- Great news Donna. Congratulations to your daughter on getting her Masters- did she get a card from her mum?? Its a sunny day here in the NE - hope it lasts! xx

  6. Congrats Donna....enjoy!!! And congratulations to your daughter on her accomplishments.

  7. Great achievement for your daughter Christina and congratulations to her

    Hope you all enjoy your special day tomorrow

    Congratulations Donna... enjoy!


  8. Congratulations Donna. Gorgeous card. Christina, Congratulations on your Daughter receiving her masters. Have a great Celebration!

  9. congratulations Donna, Congratulations to your daughter Christina, what a great achievement.look forward to hearing more of Ruby's antics, Pam Mckenzie

  10. Many congratulations to your daughter Christina on her Masters degree and Also to you Donna on winning the gorgeous shabby chic card. Xx

  11. Good Afternoon Christina! Congratulations to you & your daughter on her Masters Degree! Enjoy the graduation ceremony & have a safe trip to & from!
    Congratulations Donna on winning a beautiful Christina card!

  12. Congrats Donna! Also to your daughter Christina. What have you been doing Ruby?

  13. Congratulations Donna, enjoy your beautiful prize!

    Congratulations to your daughter on her accomplishments,Christina. Wish her a successful and happy future. Enjoy your special day. Can't wait to hear about Ruby's achievement.


  14. Congratulations Donna. I knew this one was going to be claimed after I saw your name.
    Good for you.

  15. Congratulations Donna, enjoy and many Congratulations to your daughter Christina you both must be so proud.
    Nancyd xx

  16. Hope you had a lovely time at the graduation
    Christina congrats to your daughter xxxxxx


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