July 09, 2017

Ruby Update

Hello Everyone,

I have some really exciting news to tell all of you today and my mum is so proud of me.
 I have been going to doggy training and last Thursday I took my Bronze Test and I passed with no trouble at all.
 Here I am with my certificate and my lovely Rosette and I am learning to be obedient for my mum.
 I am going to do the Silver course in August and I will be sure to let you know how I do
I am nearly eleven months old now and I have changed quite a bit from when I was tiny. I now weigh 13.9kgs and I run around a lot. I still like barking though but I have to learn that I  don't need to bark at everything !!

This is me at nine weeks old and my coat is very creamy. On my back I had some black that took on the shape of a heart but as I grew that mingled in with the rest of my colours

But don't I look cute and you can see why my mum fell in love with me ... even if I do say so myself !

And in case you are wondering what I am my official Kennel Club registration is a
 English Show Cocker Spaniel 

This is me at six months old and look how my hair has grown.

I still haven't grown into my ears yet and I don't suppose I ever will. 

My mum says I am like Dumbo and should be able to fly with such big ears.

I hope you enjoyed my story today and my mum is so proud of both of us as she worked hard to train me too.

See you again soon ...

Bye for now  Ruby xx


  1. Congratulations to you and your Mum, you have both done very well would love to have a big cuddle with you
    cheers from very cold Melbourne

  2. We'll done Ruby. You've certainly changed looking at your early photo.


  3. Well done Ruby, you are so beautiful, your mum must be so proud of you.
    Love Anne xx

  4. Hi Ruby well done on getting your certificate and rosette .
    you are beautiful and those eyes are to die for.
    Marion H

  5. Well done ruby 👏👏👏you are a clever lady and a very pretty one. My Dudley is 12 now but still a handsome chapxxxx
    Love June horrocks xxxx

  6. Ruby you are gorgeous and so clever learning to do as you're told. Your mum must have a lot of patience teaching you. I regularly walk with my granddaughters Siberian Husky - called Shadow and she took a load of patience to become as clever as you. Enjoy the sun xxx

  7. What an adorable expression Ruby has - congratulations to Ruby and Ruby's Mum !!

  8. Hello Ruby - Congratulations on your success at training. You are obviously a very smart doggie but we've known that since your Mum first introduced you to us. You were a beautiful puppy and have grown into an elegant lady. I like your ears and think they look pretty perfect plus I really love your coloring. I'm missing my fur babies tonight. Muffy and Addy are at home and I'm in the hospital with double pneumonia. Feeling yucky but the medicine should have me feeling better soon. Enjoy your weekend!
    Your friend

    Btw...I think your Mum would be really happy if you barked a bit less. I know it's hard cause it's a natural thing but I know you can do it! Remember...NO bark! (That's what we tell Muffy and Addy) and they seem to understand. They don't always listen, however! Bye for now!

  9. Congratulations Ruby. My Sadie, a 7 month old Pomeranian just started training yesterday. 🐾

    1. Good luck on the course I am sure you will enjoy it Cxx

  10. Good Morning Miss Ruby :) Look at you! Such a Beautiful and Regal little Show Lady. You've earned your milestone Bronze Test! "Atta Girl" and Well Done to you! I'm know your Mum worked very hard in helping you Earn that Achievement. So, be sure to give her an extra cuddle! If ever I see you flying over Gaylord, Michigan in the USA, I'll know it's you. Because ears like that are Beautiful and Magical! And so are you! have a lovely day Little One. Big Hugs.

  11. Well done Ruby, clever girl


  12. way to go ruby. I can hardly believe you are almost all grown up. I love the little smiley mustache you have. I need to get a better explanation of the coat that you have. I can't quite see it from some of the pics. I think maybe because you are all comfy and curled up. love to hear of your antics and trips with Dougal and the family.

  13. Aww Ruby Big Congratulations to you and your Mum and no wonder she is so proud of you.
    You are such a beautiful lady, and it's such a wonderful photo of you with your rosette and cetrificate. I do so look forward to hearing what you've been doing, Kate x

  14. Congratulations to you and your mom, Ruby. You are doing so well in your classes. Just this one time, don't listen to your mom..I think your ears are absolutely gorgeous. They look like ponytails. You have turned into quite the lovely young lady, but you were a beautiful baby, also. Have a wonderful week, Miss Ruby.
    An aside to Sandra Smith, I hope you get well soon. Meds are wonderful things, aren't they?

  15. Ruby earned a ribbon! Yay, Ruby! She looks like such a sweet girl. I'm sure it's posted somewhere, but could you tell me her breed? What a unique dog.

    1. It tells you in the actual blog post Cxx

  16. I am so sorry to hear your not well and we hope you are feeling better soon ... lots of love from Christina and Ruby xxx

  17. Congratulations Ruby, you are sooo cute.
    Rene from OZ x

  18. Well done Ruby! Mum has every right to be proud of you. You have changed since we first saw you but now you have grown into a beautiful dog. I love to hear all you have been doing with mum's updates Thank you!

  19. Congratulations on your achievement,Ruby!You are so cute and clever,no wonder your mum loves you so much.Good luck with the Silver course in August.
    Hugs to you and your mum.

  20. Hello Ruby
    Well done on getting your bronze certificate and rosette. Well done to your mum too for all her patience. You're still as adorable now as you were when your mum first got you. Try to be a good girl and not bark as much (it only gets you into trouble) Be good little one and look forward to hearing from you again soon
    Love & cuddles
    Jenny C & Barney xxx

  21. well done Ruby you are so beautiful and clever, just like your mum congratulations

  22. Hello Christina,
    Well done to Ruby and yourself for all your hard work. Good luck with the next course.
    Maureen xx

  23. Congratulations to Ruby and your daughter .


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