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December 19, 2019

Gluey fingers...

Hi Everybody,

I have done some videos lately and my hands look dreadful in them.  I have explained that my fingers have black paint and glue on them and it is very stubborn when I try to get it off.

 I have promised to show you why they have been in this state but it will be mostly after Christmas as I have been making my own gifts this year.

Some of the things I have already shown you, in the form of my wall art with mirrors, spoons and plates, and you can scroll back if you wanted another look at them 
But this vase is one of the things I have done, not for anyone but me and it is made from cardboard, paper mache and silver paint. 
Then I added mirror tiles to it. So I hope you like it

It is really glitzy and I love it and it is in my guest bedroom.

It's quite big but because it is cardboard it can't be used for real flowers.

Artificial flowers don't bother me as I think they look really pretty and so that is what this one will be having added to it.

Though I must say it looks good enough with nothing in it.

So there you have it from all angles and it may not be up your street but it is certainly an eye catcher especially when the sun shines in through the window

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Great crafty project, lovely to see what you have been creating.


  2. i'm intrigued. are the little pieces of mirror in the flowers individually put in place?

  3. Great creation, and will look good with a couple of silk flowers!
    Sharon Brand

  4. Stunning...I love it Christina....Just think artificial flowers don't need water changes,just a good shake occasionally...outside of course...Enjoy your talent and creations...My finger nails always look painted lol..because of inks and things..Its all the enjoyment of crafting..Hugs.

  5. What a lovely project and idea. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing Christina.


  6. Very different.All summer I have done hanging baskets with artificial flowers. Must take them in tomorrow for the winter. I will miss the colour. Diana Lawton xxx

  7. Hi Christina
    Not too glitzy for me - I love it. You are so talented
    Hugs and best wishes
    Jenny C xxx

  8. You have some absolutely amazing ideas Christina, look forward to seeing more....luv Ursula xx

  9. Hello Christina,
    That's amazing, I love it and it looks special just as it is.
    Maureen x


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