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February 21, 2012

Christening Card...

I have been working to prepare a very Special Christening card.   It is for my Great Grand-daughter.

She was born last October and is my grandson's first child.

The Christening is on the 25th March and she will be named Isabella Mandy Victoria and she is simply beautiful.

I have used the "Bookatrix" embossing board from the   The Glitter Girls    to create the pages and dressed up each one individually before sticking them together... but then I have added the whole lot to an A5 card with the fold at the top and this will allow the "book" to stand up.

I have made it in pale pinks and white with the addition of feathers and ribbons and a pretty pink Hatpin in the centre... and I really am pleased with the result.

The flowers on the front of the card are from  Wild Orchid Crafts.   The feathers were in my "stash"

I hope that her parents will keep the card safe for her until she gows up a little, and then show it to her and tell her it was all hand made by her Great Grandmother with lots and lots of love.

I made a box to give the card and I have lined it with pale pink tissue paper... and of course the Spellbinders came in really useful too. 

Just need to lose two stone and a new dress for the day and then I'm done....

Hugs Christina xx


  1. Oh my god Christina this is absolutely fantastic, I am sure the family will keep it forever.xx

  2. Absolutely stunning! I am sure the entire family will always treasure it. I must say that you do not look old enough to be a great-grandmother! Can I ask, what is a stone?

    1. Oh my this made me laugh ... with a question like that I can only assume that you do not have a weight problem otherwise you would know that a stone is ...

      It's a weight measurment Linda and it means I have too much that has all accumulated in sevearal places and is extremely hard to get rid of.

      I call it my post baby weight ... the only problem with that is my babies are now 44 and 41 so do you think it will still count???

  3. Amazing card, it must have taken you ages, but well worth it. xxx

  4. Gorgeous card Christina!!! I'm sure her Mummy will keep it till she's a wee bit older. It's beautiful just in love with it. Thank you for sharing xx

  5. Soooo sweet and divine, love love love the feathers and such a lovely idea for your granddaughter, she is so lucky to have you... oh! and I love her name! This is going to be treasured and more than likely put on display for everyone to beautiful!


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