February 09, 2012

Waste not want not ...

I love to make cards with  Spellbinders  as the result is almost guaranteed.  But what to do with the little bits that you are left with when you have cut something out.

Well the simple answer is don't just throw them all away as they can be used on other projects to great effect. I am not for one minute suggesting that you keep every single bit ... but be selective and see what comes to mind.

Just get your imagination going and you can find some way to incorporate some of them onto your cards.

I cut out the large shape from the  Holly Motifs in black card for another project,  and there are some large and interesting shapes that remain... so being a frugal crafter I  wanted to make use of them.

The black edging on the left of this card has all those left over bits looped over the main card and the effect is rather good ... well I thought so!

So it pays to look at all these dies in a different way and make use of what is otherwsie known as scrap.... and create for yourself some lovely cards. 

And there is another video in the series I have done  to help you get   More from your Spellbinders

Hugs Christina xx


  1. This is lovely Christina. I always use my bits too. xxx

  2. OMGosh, I love it!!! It reminds me of a notebook in ways! How clever you are ..I will certainly keep this in mind when I get my (very high pitch singing voice) GRAND CALIBUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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