February 10, 2012

The word verification thingy.....

As you know I am very new to the Blogging world and learning something every day.  But I was asked to turn the annoying word verification  OFF ... which apparently is on by default. 

Well! I pressed every button and link on this interface and I could not find it any where.

Blogger is now using a new style look to the Dashboard,  and as I am new,  this is the only one I have used.  So I was at a loss on how to do this.

I was sent a link from a kind follower (Thank you Wendy)  and she pointed me in the direction of another Blog that may be able to help.

So over I went,  but I couldn't follow those directions either ... because there is nowhere on the new style dashboard to  switch the word thingy off.

My little fingers flew over the keyboard to email the Blog owner for more help and she duly wrote back to me .... and she couldn't find it anywhere either....  So at least I didn't feel quite as stupid.

But   Kathleen at  Crafty Bloggers  very kindly gave me further instructions and now I am pleased to say that ... word verification is OFF. 

So thanks  Kathleen too for your help,  and if you are stuck with anything then she is willing to help you sort it out.

Hugs Christina xx


  1. Kathleen is one clever cookie. xxxxx

  2. Thanks so much for the link to Kathleen's blog. I will definitely be checking out her blog for more tips on how to get my blog up and running. Love your site, and your videos by the way!


  3. Thank you for helping me with this Word Verification thingy Christine.. it is great that you are sharing what you learn along the way and unlike me you were persistant and Gong ho on getting rid of it. I bet you helped many with this..Thank you!


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