February 08, 2012

Freebie for you ...

Well I have been up since 5am ... couldn't sleep with things whirring round my head ... and yet I don't seem to have done very much so far.

I have all sorts of ideas buzzing away and I have to get them down on paper before I forget, ( sign of age!!) and so when I wake in the middle of the night the brain starts going and that's it for me ... no more sleep.

So rather than lie there thinking  ... go to sleep, go to sleep, I may as well get up and get something done.  So this is what I have achieved this morning.

These young men are more of the digital drawings from  Showers of Cards and Flowers  and they are "freebies" so grab them while you can.  They have been coloured in with Distress Ink ... and there's not a flower in sight, not even a trace of pink. (Sigh!) 

I have covered the process of using these fabulous inks to water colour with and the tutorial is in three parts.  One features the skin, the second the hair and the third the clothes.

 I don't profess to be an artist but this works for me and so this is how I go about
                          Colouring with Distress Inks

The backgrounds to both been done with the   Cloud Effect   which makes them look as if they are outside ... maybe waiting for pals to come out for a game of football... who knows.

Now because they are digital images they will need to be printed onto your paper, and off course printer ink and water don't mix.

Your work will bleed and look awful, but there is a way to stop this and it is very simple.... cheap hairspray!!

Works wonders at sealing the ink quickly, cheaply and efficiently... and that way you won't have a spoiled image.

 I have used a light card of 160gsm as that goes through my printer with no trouble at all.

On the first spine has been wrapped with rafia and the sentiment  and the footabll are from the Pretty Tuff CD from   Polka Doodles.   Just the finishing touch a boy needs.

The second card has some Spellbinder borders and the sentiment is red ... but it looks pink!!

Hugs Christina xx


  1. he looks really good, am just about to go onto the video for colouring with distressing inks

  2. Looks good Christina, I am gonna get this one now as a really good one for boys. Thanks. Wendy xxxx

  3. You did such a lovely job Christina, thank you for posting about my free digital. 40 followers! Awesome

  4. Hi! Your card's are very creative! Love your tutorial "Beautiful Flip Card With Spellbinders". Greetings ;)


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