February 22, 2012

Windy weather...

Can you hear it??? It's blowing a gale out there and I still have to go out and do my shopping.

Yesterday I was card making again and this time I was asked to make a really special birthday card for an 80th Birthday.

The requirement was that the card had to ... be a large card (yep can do that) ... be in pink  (no problem there then)...to have ribbon on it (that's my kind of card)... to have flowers on it ...(Oh! it just got better and better) ... and to have a matching box (Oh Yes...  all sorted)

Here is the card I came up with and when the young man came to collect it he seemed quite pleased with it ... but you know what men are like... they say yes it's fine and that's it ... so who knows... but he did give his permission to show you the card so here it is....

... and here is the box to match... complete with Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls .... OooooH! that title rings a bell.

And now I am off to the supermarket for goodies....anybody fancy meeting up for a coffee????

My daughter says that pensioners (me) should only shop on weekdays and leave the supermarket free on Saturdays for those who have to work during the week ... I won't repeat what I replied.

Hugs Christina xx

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  1. Another gorgeous card Christina!! So beautiful thank you for sharing xx


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