February 05, 2012

Video Hitch ...

Over the three years that Card Making Magic has been around I have made several video tutorials that have been added regularly.  Just short ones so that you don't have time to fall asleep ... but long enough to show you what I am trying to achieve.

We have had slight hitches along the way but usually things go well.  So let me tell you how they are produced.   My husband (Griff) stands on his little ladder and films over my shoulder ... and whenever my head gets in the way he pulls my hair to get me out of the shot.... and sometimes he misses and oops! there's my head. (Soreeee!)

We laugh and we argue while these films are being made but  hopefully you  find them enjoyable.

So yesterday we made a video of the making of this card and I was hoping to add it to YouTube later in the day. Everything went well and the cards turned out very pretty .... but when we came to the editing of it something went really wrong.

As the PC was turned on the message read that there was an error and that the software used to edit the video was irrepairably damaged and should be removed. So what should have been a relatively quick task turned into an all day job and at the end of it .... still no video was produced.

So this morning the task is on to start again and hope fully Griff  (who does the editing) will be able to sort things out.  But we think that the music will be lost and all the start and end bits to the videos will have to be done again so it may take us a little time to get sorted.

The card itself is another one using my Spellbinders and is one of a series that can help you with  Starting Your Spellbinder Collection 

The links to the other two tutorials are on that page.

It is a much prettier card in real life than the photo shows and as soon as I can I will get the video on the card onto the website..... once my production team (Griff) gets things as he wants them again.

In the meantime have a really good day.

Hugs Christina xx


  1. I like your card, I like the way you used nesting frames and love flowers :) Have a nice Sunday and good luck with the video :)

  2. Christina this one is stunning.
    It,s nice to know about how you do your tuts. Griff must be a very kind and patient man, unlike my John, he is very kind but no patience. Good luck with it anyway. xxxx

  3. I always look forward to your videos as I'm a new owner of a Grand Calibur. They have been very helpful. I'm sure Cliff is responsible for much of that. Loved the story of how you do the videos. This card is stunning, as are all of them.

  4. Love to watch your videos, I always learn so much from. Really, really love your cards, as they more "grown up" than others you seen online. They really do look more like my style, and not so "cutesy". (that is probably spelled wrong.) Many thanks to you and your Griff for taking the time to share your cards and your talent with us.

  5. This is very pretty Christina - looking forward to that video. Sounds as though you have a lot of fun with that man of yours!!


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