February 24, 2012

Decorative Hatpins

Adding embellishments to my cards is one of the things that I really enjoy doing and I openly admit to being a "More is More" kind of cardmaker.  I just love all the pretty things that go to making a truly feminine card .... not much good with male cards!!

Yesterday I covered felt flowers created with Spellbinders and today I would like to show you some beautiful Hatpins.

These are always a luxury touch and they are not hard to do.  There is a video on the website about   Decorating Hatpins

The Hatpins that I use are 3" long and come complete with end protectors as a safety feature ... and that way the recipient cannot hurt herself on the sharp point.

I buy mine from the Sparkles Group and they are offering you a  5% discount  on your purchases.

Make your choice ... and at the checkout add the code CGDIS5 and the discount will be automatically applied. 

You will find the pins in gold and silver and in different lengths in "Specialist Findings"

Add the pins to the card ... threaded through ribbons or flowers ... but don't forget to tell the recipient that the pins can be removed and used as a lapel pin for her jacket. 

Maybe another idea for Mothers Days eh??

Hugs Christina xx


  1. This is defiantly on my list of things to try and I will have to refer back to your video when the time comes. Beautiful work Christina, I love the colors too! I also seen your velvet flowers and wow, never knew you could use felt in a Grand Calibur!
    I love your card, it is as lovely as usual.. did you use actate on the front of your card behind the hat pin and bow??

  2. Elegant, as always. I don't usually put a lot of embellishments on my cards, but watching your videos and reading your blog for the past few months has found me adding more of them. I love the hatpins!

  3. Lovely Christina. I have made some of these just using coloured wire that is not strong enough for anything else (it breaks if you bend it too much) I have added some to my cards. xxx

  4. Lovely examples, Christina. Great that you provided the name of the hat pin suppliers as I've just ordered some after looking around for a while. Thanks!


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