February 02, 2012

My First Day as a Blogger!!

I have finally been persuaded to join the ranks of Bloggers and this is the start with my very first post.

I have been making cards for a number of years and when I first started they were not very good... but having said that I sold many of them and the buyers came back for more. I even had commisions to work to and that was very complimentary to me... and a great boost to my confidence.

I bought so much crafting stuff, and some of it not very good,  that quickly filled my dining room with boxes and bits... and was a massive task to clear everything away every time we had someone for dinner.  So from there I progressed to the small bedroom ... which my husband was using as his hobby room... and he was relagated to the dining room instead (poor man)

But it made more sense to craft in an area that I could close the door on each time I had done some cards.... hides the mess you see!!

Soon I wanted to do more and so I started researching into taking this further.  My first idea was to create a website that would be full of information and projects for "NEWBIES"

A website that would be easy for people to follow and so in 2009    Card Making Magic  was born

I worked hard and added as much as I could to the information that I was giving to create a particular look so that others would be able to follow my ideas. I started with the basics of what you would need to get going with this lovely hobby  and worked my way up to adding Video Tutorials.

Lots of poeple ...me included ... like to watch something being done before it sinks in and so that seemed the next step to take. There are lots of easy techniques and card ideas in the videos and as the time on YouTube has been extended I am able to do more.

As Card Making Magic reaches it's third birthday it continues to go from strength to strength and there are a lot more ideas and projects all buzzing around in this head and I can't wait to show them to you.

I  am always amazed when I get the emails telling me how much my website is appreciated and that people come back time and time again, and hopefully now they will have a blog to visit too with more information and cards that will help all new Cardmakers get started.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will come and visit me here and on the website over and over again.

Hugs Christina xx


  1. welcome to blog land... I have been following your pages for a few months and also on facebook. You were one of the people who inspired me start making cards. I even mention it in my blog about how I saw my step card on your site.. I do hope you will follow me too at http://cardcreationsbysharonjoy.blogspot.com/ Look at the "hard to be a twinkie in a ding dong world post"

  2. the next big step!! ever since I discovered your site I have been a very happy bunny, I tell everyone I know that makes cards about your site so they are also now very happy bunnies!!
    congratulation on the blog, very good.xxxxx

  3. well a blog I do not have but I do follow your website and on facebook.Like so many others I have had great success in following your tutorials and ending up with a winner.A very big thank you for your inspiration and your patience
    hugs adie

  4. Well done Christina. Thanks for becoming one of my followers and now I will return the favour. I love your website and, now I am sure Iwill love your blog. xxxx
    Wendy L

  5. You are my biggest inspiration and have no doubt you will be Queen of blogland... You have so much to offer and I am so excited you ventured out into the blogsphere!!!! Everyone is in for a big surprise when they get to know what you do. I see you already have 5 followers!!! Wow! I knew you were going to fly and you sooooooooooooo deserve it... I never been so excited for anyone in my life like I am for you. Shine on!

  6. Welcome to the world of blogging. I look forward to your updates. Please add the subscribe box to your page so we can get your updates sent to our inboxes.
    Love your card above.......but then I love all your creations/videos. I've learned lots.

  7. Great to see you in the blogging world Christina. Thanks so much for all the ideas that you have so kindly handed on to us. I have used them so much in my teaching - usually give the credit to Card-Making-Magic. Looking forward to checking up on you via here. bestofbetsy's blogspot.com

  8. Congratulations Christine on your first blog and lovely it is too. Did not expect anything less than this from your lovely self.

    Have got a blog page but it is not up and running properly yet so maybe you can give tips on blogging as well as your beautiful card making tips and videos.

    Will keep popping in for inspiration. Lots of love and many thanks sweetie.

    Keep well


  9. I love going to your other site, for great ideas and tutorials, so now I am excited to start following your blog. The card you created is so lovely...thanks for sharing!

  10. Well done joining blogland.
    I have been following you for some time through your website & newsletter. So now will follow you through your blog.

  11. Welcome to blogging! I am now a follower of your blog and look forward to seeing more! I have had your website bookmarked for some time now and enjoy your newsletter! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I have followed your website for quite a while now and it must be one of the very best on the web for tips and encouragement to newbies. I bought a die cutting machine this weekend and have just watched your video on spellbinders and it has made me very excited about what I can now do with my new machine...thanks


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