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May 29, 2017

Little Miss Isabella ...

Hi Everybody,

Now here is someone that you haven't seen for a little while ... the beautiful Isabella doing a little bit of crafting with me over the weekend

Isabella is my Great Grand-daughter and she is now five years old.

She has her own Sapphire machine and some small dies and she knows how to work it by herself

Here she is concentrating real hard mastering the pokey tool. She made a little birthday card for one of her friends at school

We had a lovely time and she is full of questions and she doesn't have time to get bored.

A great day was had by all and we are looking forward to the next time she comes to stay

More tomorrow ...

Hugs xx


  1. Teach them young, and how lucky is she to have you as her very own teacher and to have all your toys to play with

  2. Morning Christina, Isabella is a very lucky girl having a great grandma with lots of crafty stuff to play with unfortunately my two great grandsons are not crafty minded and my great granddaughter is only two so maybe someday she will be crafy.
    Nancyd xx

  3. Isabella looks like she's deep in concentration. Glad she enjoys crafting with you.


  4. So lovely to see little crafter's Christina,my granddaughter used to craft with me when she was younger ,but it is her make up and boyfriends that she is more interested in now .
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  5. Isabela is a beautiful child and is growing up. I love that she'so already a crafter. My granddaughter has crafted with me since she was very little and I cherish those memories. She will be 14 on June 4 so she is also growing up much too quickly. Enjoy these precious times together!

  6. Lovely to see she enjoys craft following in your footsteps I have a great grandson bailey he love colouring stampt images I live in hopelove June horrocks xxxxxx

  7. Lovely to hear about Isabella again - doesn't seem 5 years since you introduced her! She looks as if she will follow in your footsteps Christina. A lucky little girl and also a lucky Great Grandma. Have fun xxx

  8. Hi Christina, how lovely having family who are interested in crafting, you will have great times together,
    Have a lovely day, Jess Watson x

  9. Isabella is growing up lovely to see children being entertained in this way, good for you Christina, instead of being in front of computers all the time, I spent time like this with my little grandson yesterday, drawing, colouring, cutting out, etc....we too had great fun....luv Ursula xx

  10. Isabella has a wonderful teacher and she will never forget her time with you.

  11. Hi Christina. My how Isabella has grown. My granddaughter loves crafting as she's 7 and shares my crafting stash but even now she's getting into make up and fashion! They start so young now. Hopefully I can encourage her to keep crafting for many years to come. Xx

  12. Hi Christina
    My word how time flies. Looks like you've a budding crafter in the making.

  13. How wonderful to have crafting time with your Great Granddaughter. I cherish times like these with my granddaughter when she comes to visit.

  14. Thanks for showing. Love to hear news of your family Diana x

  15. Your Great Grand-daughter!!! How blessed you are!!! I have several grand-daughters, but it will be a while before the "Great" ones come. I look forward to that!!

  16. Good Morning Christina & Isabella- That is wonderful to spend time with her & pass down the crafting fun! Someday when is is grown she will have beauitful memories to share with her own family. She may like to keep the crafting beauty of her great grandmother going in the future generations. Keep making memories with her the years fly by way to fast. Miss Isabella you are a beautiful young card maker & how nice to make a special card for your friend! Keep crafting with great grandma ! Nice to see you sweetie in the picture ! Family Blessings!

  17. Hello Christina,
    You are far to young to have a Great Granddaughter!!! It's lovely to see young ones making and doing instead of their noses stuck in ipads and phones. My granddaughters used to love making cards but now the older one draws (14 in Nov) although the younger still crafts (11 in July).
    I look forward to seeing more of Isabella.
    love Maureen xx


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