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May 21, 2017

Ruby Update

Hello Everyone,

I am now nine months old and growing still and having so much fun though my mum does tell me off for barking too much.

I like to sit on the back of the chair and look through the window and there is just soooo much to bark at.

Here I am at the front of my house with my very best friend Dougal and I am soaking up the sun on my favorite bench.

I am an an English Cocker Spaniel with Blue Roan Sable markings, and Dougal with his lovely curly cream coat is a Cockapoo

Our mums where taking us to Cuerden Park in Preston for the day and we are just waiting to get in the car and go. They have to pack water and bowls, towels and blankets, treats and leads and it takes them ages to get ready. All we have to do is jump in the back of the car and we are ready to go.!!!

Here we are being very impatient ... and barking ...coz we now want to go and play again

But once we got there it was wonderful and so much to do.

Doggy Paradise with lots of water and hills and fields to run and sniff in.

If you have read my stories before then you will know that I like to go swimming and today was lovely as it was not too deep ... and so need for my mum  to panic

Dougal is a bit taller than me and doesn't seem to get as wet but I had a lovely time and was soaked

It was a lovely day and so I didn't feel cold and of course we ran around for ages meeting lots of other dogs too

On the way home it was time for us to get snuggled up in our Ruff & Tumble jackets and both of us fell asleep in the back of the car.

But once we got home ....
... we both had a lovely big juicy bone to sit and chew on in the sunshine of my front garden.

We have to eat our bones away from each other though so we don't squabble about them

Because for some reason whichever bone Dougal has it always seems better than the one I have and so that is the one I want !!!

We are both very tired puppies at the end of a busy day and I can't wait to go again soon

More from my mum tomorrow ...

Bye for now


  1. Sounds like you all had a lovely day you will all sleep well tonight!!

  2. Ah that's a lovely story Christina, the dogs are having so much fun with you and your daughter. They bring so much happiness, we used to have a miniature schnauzer, we miss him so much, he has gone to heaven now. Love Anne(Liverpool).

  3. Lovely to see photos of you & Dougal. You both look like you're having so much fun.


  4. Hi Ruby sounds as if you had a good day out.
    I have a little dog who sits on the back of the arm chair
    and barks at every one who go's bye especially if they have a dog
    so he gets told off too.
    Marion H

  5. Hello again Ruby (and Dougal too!) You are getting so big but your coloring is really beautiful. I love that you have such a good friend in Dougal and that your Mum's like to take you on adventures. It sounds like you had a ton of fun. Your bone definitely looks tasty. I wouldn't feel too bad about wanting Dougal's bone. Some things just ought to be shared but bones are tricky. I'm glad you have an understanding Mum who allows you alone time with your bone. I have two fur babies. They are both Pekingese and are half sisters. When they were younger, we couldn't feed them anything in the same room but over time they actually got used to sharing and now they eat sitting side by side. Muffy is mostly black with some white markings. Addy is the smaller one and is cream color like Dougal. They are such sweet babies but Addy was a bit of a handful. She thought she was the bigger doggie and was very bossy. Her name is short for "Addy2d" or Attitude. She has mellowed so much so maybe the day will come when you won't care if Dougal has a better bone. I look forward to hearing from you again. Have fun!
    Your friend,

  6. Hello ruby so pleased you had s great day with your special friend ,yes I'm afraid I tell my Dudley off for barking. I bet sleep is all you will need after your day out love June xxxxxxxx& Dudley xx

  7. I love reading your Ruby updates Christina!! Sounds like you all had lots of fun :D Christine xxx

  8. Lovely to hear from Ruby again- Bet you can't think what you did before you bought her Christina! She keeps you on your toes. She is lovely. xx

  9. Thanks Christina for sharing Rubys fun times with us crafty people, woof, woof!

  10. Hi Ruby ,you are so adorable ,nice to see you having so much fun with Dougal.

  11. love these posts. it's fun watching you grow up and hearing of your antics.

  12. Hello Christine,
    Two patient dogs, two excited dogs, two happy dogs, two tired dogs, two worn out mums!!!
    Maureen xx

  13. Lovely Ruby update. The look on their faces waiting before getting into your car is priceless LOL

    June x

  14. Hi Christina and Ruby, sounds like both of you had a wonderful day out. I'm so glad to read about you today. I have to confess I've been feeling very sad these last few days. It brought a smile to my face reading and looking at the cute pictures. Thank you.

  15. I love to read the stories and see pictures of these two cuties. They really start my day to feel happy. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hello Ruby, it is so wonderful to read the latest update of your adventures with Dougal. It sounds like you had a lot of fun going to the park, playing and swimming. I'm sure your are very tired after such a busy day. Can't wait to see what you do next!

  17. Great pictures of Ruby and Dougal. Feels like 2 mothers bringing their kids for a day trip. Those trips are good for the soul:-)

  18. Awww!! Christina, that looks so much fun, bet they had an absolute ball.

    I meet up twice a year for a few days away with 8 other crafty ladies (in the arty way) from all over the UK plus Saba who lives in Germany. We don't actually craft although we do talk plenty about it between eating, chatting, laughing and a bit of shopping. They have all seen my Origami Boxes and wanted to make them. We chat together every day, in the chat today beleive it or not they have all made an Origami Box over the last couple of days. Some not quite finished, others are and look amazing. They are very happy ladies. Thanks to your brilliant Tutorial.
    Thank you for all your Talent and Hard Work.
    Patricia xxx

  19. Ruby,so nice to hear aout you and Dougal being out and about! I remeber those puppy days very fondly. My mom doesn't like me to bark and bark, but I know when she had a cocker spaniel it barked lots and she really had a time gettin him to stop! BTW, I reallylike that bone you are enjoying! Cherokee Rose.

  20. Hello Ruby, I just love reading your stories about how you are growing and having fun, you are absolutely adorable and Dougal is such a handsome boy, it's great you are such good pals and have lots of fun. Looking forward to hearing more of your stories, Kate x

  21. Hi Ruby
    Lovely to hear from you again and I'm glad you had a good day out with your friend Dougal and of course your mums. You're still looking as cute as ever and I absolutely love your big sad eyes. Look after your mum and be a good girl for her.
    Til next time
    Jenny C & Barney xxx

  22. Ruby, I love your queenly pose on the bench and the curly hair that Dougal has. You both have such loving moms to take you on these special outings. Sweet dreams, sweet puppies!

  23. Hi Ruby! It is great that your mum keeps us up to date with your adventures with Dougal! You had an awesome day today and I can just imagine the fun you had. Yest it is always best to have your bones separately to avoid the inevitable fights. The other bone always looks better.
    Look forward to your next adventure

  24. HI Ruby, Love to hear all about your adventures with Dougle, seems like you had a great time, keeping your Mum busy.

  25. Nice to meet you,Ruby.The look on your face while you were soaking up the sun is priceless.You are a cute English Cocker Spaniel!
    Thanks,Christina,for sharing these adorable photos.

  26. Hi Christina. Adorable photos and story of Ruby and Dougal's trip to the park.
    Both dogs are oh so cute.
    Love Val in Spain xxx


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