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July 11, 2021

More from Ruby ...

 Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for all the lovely messages I got from you on my last update. I am glad that you like to read my stories.

This is me waiting for my mum to get her shoes on .... again !! She's always running late and keeping me waiting when all I want to do is go and sniff about somewhere. 

This as s lovely morning and we are going to go to St Annes for a walk along the prom,

While we where there we met a lady and her dog sitting on a bench, in the sunshine,  and they sharing some toast. The lady gave me a little piece of it too.

My mum chatted to the lady for a while and then off we went. I looked for my duck friends but they weren't there today. 

Now here I am having a bit of a rest near one of the lakes we pass. There are no ducks on this one but there are sometimes swans.

They are very big and they frighten me  because they "Hiss" at me as I walk past. I like to do a large detour around them in case they chase me. 

I'm not frightened of water but I am frightened of swans.

It was home for breakfast after this and then later on we will go out again before we have tea. But only if it is not raining as my mum is a fair weather walker.  

Bye for now ...

Ruby xx


  1. Great update from you Ruby, lovely photos.

    Congrats to the winner yesterday.


  2. Ruby looks eager to be off, I wouldn't like to be chased by swans either. It looks very overcast but nice by the water. Hope Ruby got to go for her evening walk

  3. Ruby you are so lucky to have have such a wonderful Mum who takes you for fabulous walks, hope you both have a wonderful day lots of love Sue xx

  4. She's so cute :-) I am glad you had a nice time x

  5. Lovely update Christina Ruby is such a cutie


  6. i love to hear the adventures of ruby. my dog also loves the smells everywhere. he doesn't have ducks or geese but there are some goats and chickens. he is a herding breed and he also has a high prey drive , so we stay away not for his sake but for theirs, have a wonderful week.

  7. Hi Ruby, I'm glad you enjoyed your walk and got a wee bit of toast to. I would be awfully frightened too if a swan chased me too, best to keep a wide berth of them, hugs Kate x

  8. Well Good Morning Miss Ruby! What a lovely entry way where you get to wait for Mum. I'm sure she put her shoes on quickly as to not to keep her precious Little One waiting. You are such a lucky little girl to have soooooo many beautiful places to take a walk and meet new friends. I bet your Mum keeps a few treats in her pocket for you and for any friend you may meet also. That's so nice. When I'm around water, I take a bag of oyster crackers with me, so I can feed the ducks, swans or geese that may be nearby. My little Angel Baby always enjoys that too. Well, we are surely spoiled by getting to hear from you again so quickly. I love it! Looking forward to the next time. Big Hugs to you and your Mum. Take good care of each other. xo

  9. Love hearing your updates of dear Ruby. Stay safe. Diana Lawton xxx

  10. Love the Ruby updates......I can just see her scooting around to get away from the swans. Hope You and Ruby are doing well!

  11. Love to hear of Ruby.We went to the cafe on the pier when we visited St annes a few years ago.I wonder if Angela ,the lady owner is still there? She used to have the Manor cafe opposite central pier.(Used to be the Manor Hotel where we spent our honeymoon 60 years ago!) Angela knows the story of ever you see her .😊xx

  12. Love hearing fom Ruby. Such a cutie.
    Enjoy your walks.
    Marie Q

  13. Love the updates! Ruby is so precious and I'm happy to see you both getting out and about, even with the swans! ;)

  14. Hello again gorgeous Ruby,
    Lovely to hear from you again and good to know that you are being a good girl for your mum. You are a good girl waiting patiently because us ladies don't like to rush. Well worth waiting though when you get to go for a lovely walk. You are one lucky little girl to be able to walk by the sea and chase about on the beach sometimes. Hope to hear from you again soon
    Hugs and cuddles
    Jenny C and Barney xxx

  15. Oh Ruby, you lucky girl getting to go on these lovely walks with your mum, bet you're glad your mum's knee is working properly. Lovely to sit by the water but watch out for those swans they can be frightening if they get a grip of you. Love to hear what you're doing. I hope you and your mum are taking care and staying safe. Love Mags x

  16. Hello again Ruby
    Lovely to hear you are enjoying the walks - and yes sadly, most of us humans are 'fair weather' walkers - perhaps they are better the 'no weather' walkers! Remember you can't keep Mum too busy - she has an awful lot of us, all over the world just waiting to learn from her wonderful knowledge and talent - but thanks for sharing her with us
    Kind regards Ethne Gloss

  17. Giggling at Ruby ... she always makes me smile. Such cute pix too ... she's a lucky dog to have such a wonderful and loving home !


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